The 25 Most AMAZING DIY Felt Craft Ideas: Puppets, Alphabet, Pinwheels, and More!


Felt is a widely used and appreciated material when it comes to DIY culture. It is soft, has a nice texture, comes with a variety of colors, and opens up a lot of craft possibilities when you decide to start sewing them. But, of course, we will have some sew-free ideas here for you to have an easier time whit your kids while enjoying some time crafting!

So, before further ado, let’s hop on to today’s list of the 25 most amazing felt craft ideas on the internet!

1. Start Simple with These Felt Fairy Flowers!


Get the Ideas Here: Anna Ranson from The Imagination Tree

Felt is the best dress for any peg doll craft. And you will be amazed by how much you can do with this combination if you start considering all the wide variety of options. But for the time being, let’s focus on these cute little fairy flowers first! This craft is relatively easy and requires NO SEWING. You only need to cut your felt up to be a little flower dress and start gluing the pieces together. Here is a simple guide showing you what exactly it is that you need to do to start dressing up your cute little peg doll fairies!

2. You Just Can’t Resist These Felt Cuisine Crafts!

Felt Cuisine Crafts - DIY Felt Cuisine Crafts Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Pri Helmberger from Costuramor

How about a DIY idea that gets you hungry while crafting? These cute little pieces of breakfast and vegetable foods don’t require any felt to be sewed. You can do it all by cutting and gluing your felts to be the shapes of eggs, fish, carrots, and tomatoes!

3. Felt Makes the Best Puppets!


Get the Ideas Here: Natalie Kramer from Handmade Charlotte

One of the best uses for felt is puppetry! The elegancy of the texture and its form allowing it to be easily maneuvered deems felt to be the centerpiece of every amazing DIY puppet craft! This idea requires a bit of crafting, but we have some no-sewing felt puppet alternatives on the list as well. Try this fancy little fox design, to begin with!

4. Felt Yeti Monster with a Kawaii Twist at the End!

Kawaii Yeti Monster - DIY Kawaii Yeti Monster Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Amanda Tepie from Envato Tuts+

Are there any enjoyers of the kawaii art reading this? Here is your chance to express yourself with this kawaii-styled yeti monster made mostly by felt. This craft requires some sewing and it is surely to make a great toy for your kids and an amusing kawaii introduction for your DIY repertoire.

5. Best Way to Teach Kids the Alphabet: Felt Letters!

Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters - DIY Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Buggy and Buddy from Chelsey

Here is an amusing, fun, interesting, and motivating way for you to start teaching your kids the alphabet! It makes use of felt with some cotton to fill it, and it requires some sewing of your own. The scissor job could take a little while though. But after that, you are good to go!

6. Felt Foxes to Swing Down Your Christmas Tree!


Get the Ideas Here: Lia Griffith

Here is a unique little ornament made mostly out of felt! We’ve shown plenty of ornaments on our lists, but a fox design is a unique take to do that, even for our repertoire! Here is your chance to shine and to make a unique decoration for your living room and possibly, gift boxes!

7. Dr. Seuss Styled Felt Hoops!

Dr. Seuss Felt Hoops - DIY Dr. Seuss Felt Hoops Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Cori George from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

Dr. Theodore Seuss has been a great educator for our kids for even many years after his passing. And his work still continues to be! Now you can visualize his work, with a bit of felt and quirk. Your kids can play and enjoy, as they learn from a felt-made toy!

8. Another Spicey Felt Recipe: Felt Pizza!


Get the Ideas Here: Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Pizza time! Earlier on the list, we talked about crafting some food with felt. This one basically puts all of them together and sums them up to be a pizza. And for once again, it is proven that pizza makes everything better!

9. These Felt Birds Are Perfect to Be Your New Bookmark!

Tweety Felt Bird Bookmarks - DIY Tweety Felt Bird Bookmarks Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Sustain my Craft Habit

This cute little felt craft bird is also a bookmark that you can use on a daily basis! It doesn’t require sewing. Not necessarily. You can use a glue to make this craft. But sewing just makes it a bit better stylistically since this craft can also be used effectively.

10. Fish Craft from Felt and Popsicle Sticks!

Felt Fish Craft - DIY Felt Fish Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Craftsy Hacks

This craft is the true definition of a sew-free beauty! On top of not requiring any sewing work, this craft is actually better when glued together, thanks to the popsicle sticks used. Your kids can easily make them and start enjoying their time crafting and playing with their new felt-made fish toys!

11. Stylish Rocket Pencil Toppers Made Only by Felt!

Space Rocket Pencil Toppers - DIY Space Rocket Pencil Toppers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Inspiration Edit

Your kids can really fancy a writing habit with these stylish pencil toppers. The guide shows you how to make a rocket topper, but you can pretty much make everything else easily after reading this. Especially some of the designs we talked about on this list! You can also make sleeves for your pen as well, though sleeves would be a little counterproductive for pencils.

12. You Don’t Have to Do Any Sewing for These Pretty Butterflies!

Felt Butterfly Craft - DIY Felt Butterfly Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Manuela Williams from A Cultivated Nest

Here is another sew-free idea for you to start your felt craft hobby right away! These cute little butterflies are extremely easy to make, and you kids can have a great time cutting and folding all the felts. After finished, you can sew them on their schoolbags or pencil boxes easily and give them a unique look!

13. Useful and Cute DIY Felt Unicorn Pouch! (Another Sew-Free Idea!)

Felt Unicorn Pouch - DIY Felt Unicorn Pouch Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Dear Creatives

This felt craft unicorn pouch can be easily made with no sewing necessary! Your kids can just hop on to making this adorable little unicorn pouch and also benefits from using them every day. But with the addition of sewing, you can extant the idea and make a unique design. For example, you can sew a zipper on it to make a safer and more functional pouch. And on top of that, you can take the butterfly craft from our previous pick and sew it on the unicorn to make it look cuter!

14. Motivate Your Kids to Follow a Healthy Diet with These Felt Vegetables!


Get the Ideas Here: Katie Femia from the Homespun Hydrangea

No kids enjoy eating vegetables. But there is no question that vegetables are quite healthy and important for your kids’ development. So, you can use this simple little felt vegetable craft idea and motivate them to eat their vegetables in every meal!

15. Cute Felt Craft Monster Puppets for Your Kids!

Felt Craft Monsters - DIY Felt Craft Monsters Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Stacy from The Soccer Mom Blog

Here is another great puppet idea made from felt. But this time, you won’t need any sewing to craft it. They are completely kid-friendly to make! All you need is some felt, scissors, glue. These are the essentials. But you can extend the idea further and add some of your own design techniques into it as well!

16. Puppet Farm Animals for Your Kids’ First Musical!


Get the Ideas Here: Larissa Another Day

Here is an amazingly simple way for your kids to sing Old MacDonald! These farm animal puppets might be a little harder to make. And you’ll also need sewing to get it all done. But in the end, they make an amusing toy for kids to enjoy!

17. Make These Felt Flowers for This Mother’s Day!

Felt Flowers - DIY Felt Flowers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Heidi from Happiness is Homemade

Mother’s Day crafts can also be easily made by felts! You know, flowers are cool and all. But they don’t last very long. So, with the help of this simple little guide, you can make beautiful and cute flowers made entirely out of felts!

18. No-Sew Puppet Alternatives for Farm Animals!

No-Sew Felt Puppets - DIY No-Sew Felt Puppets Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: 30-Minute Crafts

So, you have gotten a little disappointed to hear our previous farm animal craft idea required sewing. We understand. But here is another amazing felt-made farm animal craft idea with no sewing required! So, take a look at this simple guide and get started on your farm animal puppets right away!

19. Mysterious Looking Felt Owl Masks!

Felt Animal Mask - DIY Felt Animal Mask Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Flax and Twine

These masks are absolutely adorable, and they make the perfect toy for your kids to enjoy some make-believe playtime! Simply, check out this simple guide and get started on your craft right away!

20. Adorable Little Owl Finger Puppets!

Felt Owl Finger Puppets - DIY Felt Owl Finger Puppets Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Arty Crafty Kids

Speaking of owls, they are adorable! So, we thought that only a small piece of an owl craft wouldn’t cut it. Here is another amazing owl craft idea with no sewing required: felt owl finger puppets!

21. Felt Coffee Sleeves Combining Fashion with Function!

Felt Coffee Sleeve - DIY Felt Coffee Sleeve Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Fancy Momma

Do you also like it when these DIY craft ideas combine stylish looks with an actually useful function? Here is an amazing coffee sleeve idea that looks absolutely adorable! The best part is that you won’t have to do any sewing to craft this one as well!

22. Felt Basket Waves for Better Packaging!

Basket Weave Heart - DIY Basket Weave Heart Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Living Life as Moms

These heart-shaped felt basket waves are perfect to upgrade a gift box! Just binge craft a group of them and you won’t be disappointed when you start seeing the eyes of everyone who receives a gift from you.

23. A Different Take on Our DIY Felt Pizza Craft (Bookmark Edition!)


Get the Ideas Here: Fiskars from DIY Inspired

Remember our felt pizza craft idea? Here is a version of it that can be used as a bookmark! They are the perfect little gadget for you to mark where you left off and they make adorable little gifts. Check out this guide and get started right away!

24. Smiling Emoji Pillow Covers Made with Felt!

Heart Face Emoji Pillow - DIY Heart Face Emoji Pillow Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: This Mama Loves

These cute little pillow covers can give you a great idea of what to make next as you don’t have to stick with this exact recipe. Get a little crafty with your improvisation and you can make the cutest pillow covers combining the different craft ideas we shared here so far!

25. Sew-Free Pinwheels for Your Garden!

Felt Pinwheels - DIY Felt Pinwheels Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Camille from Growing Up Gabel

Pinwheels bring back everyone some good memories from childhood times. And this cute little craft idea could become an endearing memory for your kids for many years to come as well! Its cute design uses the help of some buttons and felt with several colors. The best part is that it doesn’t require any sewing. Only a touch of some hot glue would be just fine for this craft. Check out this amazing guide for more details!

Did you enjoy our list? Which pick became your kids’ new favorite craft? Do you have any unique ideas of your own? What more would you like to see on our blog? Let us know in the comments section and tune in for more brilliant DIY craft ideas!

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