How to Decorate for the Festival of Light: Here Are 25 DIY Hanukkah Crafts to Consider!


Hanukkah, the Festival of Light, is closing up! And every child gets to experience their first celebration of Hanukkah for only once in their life. If you are getting ready to celebrate Hanukah with your child for the first time, make sure it becomes a day to be remembered for a lifetime. Celebrate your kids first Hanukkah with our 25 best picks for DIY crafts!

1. 3D Menorah Craft for Beginners!


Get the Ideas Here: Kids Craft Room

Is it your kid’s first DIY project? No worries! This simple 3D Menorah craft can easily be made with the help of some colored cards, glues and scissors. And the template is already prepared for you to print out inside the guide! This craft is both easy and fun to make as well as looking cool and crafty!

2. Craft This Spinning Star on This Hanukkah!

Spinning star mobile - DIY Spinning star mobile Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Cathy James from NurtureStore

This DIY spinning star craft will be the eye gem of every household this Hanukkah! Spinning Start craft can easily be made by cardboards. This craft requires no glue work, spinning effect is made possible by strings. But you will still need a scissor to cut the pieces. Your kids can follow this simple guide to make their very own spinning star on this Hanukkah!

3. This Menorah Craft is Made by Cereals!

Kix Cereal Menorah Craft - DIY Kix Cereal Menorah Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kix

3D Menorahs are a great way to celebrate Hanukkah and have a nice family time with your kids. We shared many Menorah crafts on our list, but unlike the others, this Menorah craft makes use of cereals to enhance the craft to 3 dimensions. Combine your kids shared love for DIY crafts and cereals on this Hanukkah!

4. Amazing Looking Hanukkah Decorations!


Get the Ideas Here: Creative Jewish Mom

Tissue papers never been this fun to use! This guide shows, hand down, one of the best ways to make use of tissue papers in any DIY craft that you can find online! With around 5 different colored tissue papers, you can make countless unique and tasteful candles, all while having fun with your kids!

5. Hanukkah Dreidel Craft from Recycled Material!

Hanukkah Dreidel Craft - DIY Hanukkah Dreidel Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: What Do We Do All Day

This craft brings Hanukkah with environmental awareness together! Craft itself doesn’t take much effort, but arranging the exact recycled material used in this guide might get you out of your way a little bit. Nonetheless, you can always get creative and find other ways to craft these dreidels with your own household items! Follow this guide to make your very own recycled dreidels with your kids and have a ton of fun doing it!

6. Crafty Hour After a Popsicle!

popsicle sticks Hanukkah Craft - DIY popsicle sticks Hanukkah Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Creative Jewish Mom

Better not throw away your popsicle sticks! Because this little Hanukkah craft allows you to make an amazing Menorah from them. Besides from the popsicle sticks, you’ll need some cardboards (doesn’t have to be different colors), a scissor for cutting them, and a glue to get started! Enjoy this guide for a fun time with your kids on this Hanukkah.

7. Menorah Craft from Recycled Cardboard Tubes!

CARDBOARD TUBES Hanukkah Craft - DIY CARDBOARD TUBES Hanukkah Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Creative Jewish Mom

This simple kids’ craft allows you to make good use of your cardboard tubes! For enhancement, some glittered crafts foam or glittered is also needed for this craft. Make sure you evaluate material around you and recycle as much as you can. Teach your kids the importance of recycling and have a nice Hanukkah with this simple guide!

8. Hanukkah Luminaries Made Easy with This Simple Guide!

Hanukkah Luminaries Craft - DIY Hanukkah Luminaries Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Make and Takes

Want to make use of your paper lunch bags? These Hanukkah luminaries are a great way to get started! With this simple guide, you can craft your own luminaries, recycle material, have a fun time with your kids, and celebrate this Hanukkah!

9. Catalog Crafts to be Hung on Hanukkah!

Chanukah Wall Hanging Craft - DIY Chanukah Wall Hanging Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Chanie from Busy in Brooklyn

Catalogs aren’t so useless after all! These wall hanging crafts are a great way to make use of them. With the help of some felts, sheets, glues and staplers, you and your kids can prepare beautiful and fun Hanukkah crafts and decorations on this holiday! Follow this simple guide to get started!

10. Spinning Toys with Disappearing Colors!

Spinning Tops - DIY Spinning Tops Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: BabbleDabbleDo

This spinning toy with magical disappearing colors is perfect to be made on this Hanukkah with your kids! Kids love spinning the dreidel. And with a little help and supervision from you, your kids can make their very own colorful spinners! The guide shows how exactly you should craft them to get the colors magically disappear after being spined. If you play around it a little, instead of getting the colors disappearing, you can also make rainbows and other colorful combinations!

11. Washi Tape Gift Tags for Hanukkah!


Get the Ideas Here: Creative Jewish Mom

Unique gifts require unique gift tags! On this Hanukkah, you and your ids can craft your very own Hanukkah-themed candle gift tags! And with a few simple tweaks, same formula can also be used for new years and birthdays! Enjoy this Hanukkah with your kids making these gorgeous gift tags!

12. Unique Handprint Menorah Craft!

Handprint Menorah Craft - DIY Handprint Menorah Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Marie Lebaron from Alpha Mom

This Hanukkah craft guide shows a unique way to let your kids decorate the house on this holiday! This hangable craft with handprints and fingers for candles is sure to catch the eyes of everyone one who glimpses at it with its adorable design!

13. Dreidel Banners and Start of David Made by Felt!

Felt dreidel banner - DIY Felt dreidel banner Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Amy Vowls from SheKnows!

Felt is a widely used material among various types of DIY crafts. This simple guide shows you exactly how to use felt to craft your dreidel banners and start to be decorating your house on this Hanukkah! Follow this guide and have a crafty ole time with your kids!

14. Easy and Fast Paper Dreidel Guide!


Get the Ideas Here: Bettijo from Paging Supermom

Looking for a quick craft to enjoy some free time? Your kids are going to love making these easy to craft dreidels! Simply use cardboards and glue to make these small but, nonetheless, cute and adorable little dreidels!

15. Make This Simple Paper Plate Menorah This Holiday!

paper plate menorah craft - DIY paper plate menorah craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Cathy James from NurtureStore

Another great hangable menorah craft! This one is a little bit more detailed and realistic menorah, even though it is 2D. You can use a paper plate and a string to make it, and this simple guide provides you with the template to craft the candles!

16. Colorful Hanukkah Bath Menorahs!

Hanukkah Bath Menorahs - DIY Hanukkah Bath Menorahs Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Carolyn from Simple Play Ideas

Craft this simple menorah to be hung on your bath! This is a colorful little Hanukkah craft that your kids are going to have a very fun time making!

17. Suncatchers from Tissue Papers!

Hanukkah Tissue Paper Suncatchers - DIY Hanukkah Tissue Paper Suncatchers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Craft Project Ideas

Suncatchers look amazing, regardless of what day it is. And with the help of some tissue papers, you can make you and your kids can make yor very own Hanukkah-themed suncatchers! All you need is some tissue papers, aluminum foil, pain brushes, craft stickers, glue, scissors, and a mixing cup! Get started with this simple guide.

18. A Unique Hanukkah Gelt Tree Craft!

Hanukkah Gelt Tree - DIY Hanukkah Gelt Tree Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Yesterday on Tuesday

This DIY gelt tree both got the amazing looks and the easy to do formula! It is great for hanging the eight gift bags and it is a great way for you and your kids to celebrate Hanukkah while having some quality time together!

19. Another Amazing 3D Menorah Craft That Can Stand!

Hanukkah Menorah Craft - DIY Hanukkah Menorah Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Mom’s Crafters

Previously, we mentioned some of the coolest ways for you to make hangable menorahs whether it was 3D or 2D. This time, we are here with another great 3D formula to craft your very own menorah but with legs that it can stand freely on. Have a great time with your kids crafting this carton menorah!

20. Menorah Craft from Stained Glass!


Get the Ideas Here: Upper West Side Mom

No matter how many ways we lay down, there is always another great and unique way to craft a menorah! This easy-to-follow formula uses stained glass to make it.

21. Do Not Make a Mess Crafting for Hanukkah!

Mess-Free Hanukkah Crafts - DIY Mess-Free Hanukkah Crafts Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Valerie from Inner Child Fun

Crafting with your kids is a fun, educative, and a bounding experience. But children are prone to make a mess every time they get down to it! With this simple guide, your kids can make adorable Hanukkah crafts without 100% mess-free!

22. Happy Hanukkah Cards with Handprints

Hanukkah Handprint Craft - DIY Hanukkah Handprint Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Forever June Design

Crafting Hanukkah cards can be a fun experience as well! Check out these amazing DIY methods to make your very own Hanukkah card with handprints on this holiday!

23. Pop-up Cat Hanukkah Cards

Hanukkah Dressy Cats - DIY Hanukkah Dressy Cats Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Made by Joel

Again, crafting Hanukkah cards can be a great way to have fun with your kids. But you can always have a little more fun making them POP up! And the cat design is, of course, helpful to make it ten times more adorable than t needs to be…

24. Adorable Blue Hanukkah Bags!

Eight Nights of Chanukah - DIY Eight Nights of Chanukah Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Design Megillah

The eight bags of the Festival of Light never have been this adorable and cute! With some paper bags, a cord, mini clothespins, and some stickers, you can get right down to making your own adorable blue Hanukkah bags with your kids! Follow this easy guide to get started and find the templet for blue bags!

25. Popsicle Stick Star of David!

DIY Hanukkah Ornaments - DIY Hanukkah Ornaments Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Idea Land

This is probably to easiest, and the fastest ways to make a Star of David! Your kids can simply combine 6 popsicle sticks to make a start right away. You can also color the popsicle sticks the way you want to fit the rest of the room! Check out this simple guide to learn more!

Did you enjoy our list? What are you planning to craft on this Hanukkah? Let us know in the comments down below and remember to tune in for more amazing pieces of DIY compilations!

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