Make This Fall the Best So Far: 25 DIY Crafts Ideas for Acorns!


Acorns are everywhere again! Seeing all the acorns fallen around the streets marks the beginning of autumn. The good news is acorns are absolutely perfect for DIY crafts! There is just a certain elegancy in their shape and colors. Gives people a sense of togetherness with nature and reminds us of the rural area in the best way possible.

In order to make good use of them and freshen up your house with some vintage acorns design, we have listed here some of the best DIY craft ideas to be made using acorns! So, here is our picks for the 25 best acorn craft ideas you can find online… Enjoy!

1. You Only Need 30 Seconds to Make These Acorn Float Boats!

DIY Acorn Boat - DIY Acorn Boat Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Lisa Jordan from Lil Fish Studios

This is a super easy, super quick craft that is also a lot fun to play around with! All you need to do one is an acorn, a toothpick, and a mall leaf of burlap to make a flag. After that, you can cut the acorn shell out in half, make a flag with your burlap, and hang t on your small little acorn boat. And they flood on the water as well!

2. Decorate Your Living Room with These Acorn Cap Candles!

Acorn Cap Candles - DIY Acorn Cap Candles Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: LessCandles

Acorn heads are in perfect shape and color to be your candle holders throughout the fall season! They are quite easy to make, and you only need some typical materials to make a candle, which are cotton wicks and wax. Other than that, you need some acorns of course! Specifically, the cupules, or cups as they are commonly known as. Make sure to stash lots of them during your walks and start crafting these beautiful acorns to light your living room for the whole fall season!

3. Button-Acorn Craft for Kids!

Button-Acorn Craft - DIY Button-Acorn Craft Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Stacy Gibbons from Glued to My Crafts

Here is an adorable little acorn drawing idea with buttons that your kids can enjoy making for you to hang on the fridge. You need some cute little acorn brown buttons to get started, after that it’s all just the drawing. This craft is a quick, cute, and a sentimental way for you to start decorating your house for the fall season!

4. Tiny and Adorable Acorn Puppets!

DIY Acorn Puppets - DIY Acorn Puppets Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Learn with Play at Home

Acorns are shaped just like a goofy head. If you play around with it a little bit, you can make adorable little heads from them! In order to get started right away, you are going to need some acorns, snack picks, painting, and wiggle eyes! They can also be used for a quick little math game for your kids to learn, grow, and develop in a healthy enjoyable environment! Check out this simple guide to learn more about it!

5. Acorn Dolls for Kids to Play!

DIY Acorn Dolls - DIY Acorn Dolls Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Rhythms of Play

Aren’t these dolls look just the best to be sitting on your desk? These small little acorn dolls might seem a little hard to make for kids, but they are actually made out of pre crafted peg dolls. All your kids actually have to do is to just give them a quick little paint job and a hair made of acorn cap to wear!

6. Autumn Necklaces Made Out of Acorns!

DIY Acorn Necklaces - DIY Acorn Necklaces Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Arty Crafty Kids

Acorns are the best material to be making necklaces, period. They look adoringly stylish, and they have much potential to be discovered and experimented around with. This is all thanks to their 2-part structure, vintage-friendly color, and stems to be used for hanging the cords of your necklaces. Check out this simple guide to see what you can do with them for starters.

7. Acorn Craft Idea to Make Christmas Ornaments!


Get the Ideas Here: Janine from True Aim

Fall is the natures call for winter. Although you can’t apply to that with spring and summer, you can actually infuse fall with winter quite easily. These acorn Christmas ornaments are a great place to start!

8. Have Your Own Little Acorn Family with These Little Dolls!

Acorn Family - DIY Acorn Family Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Mollymoo

These little elves made of acorns and peg dolls are absolutely adorable! Our last pick for acorn peg dolls was for people looking for a bit of a minimalistic look. These designs on the other hand are a little more out there and eye-catching with bright colored capes. You can make one of these elves each to represent a member of your family!

9. These Acorn Magnets Look Amazing on Your Fridge (Strawberry Design!)

Strawberry Acorn Magnets - DIY Strawberry Acorn Magnets Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crafts by Amanda

Earlier on the list, we talked about a button acorn painting idea to be hung on your fridge. IF you need a cute little acorn magnet to go with it, here is your chance! The guide shows you how to paint them as strawberries, but if you feel like it’s a bit far from the over all theme of the season, you can skip that part out.

10. Another GREAT Acorn Necklace Idea!

Acorn Marble Necklace DIY - Acorn Marble Necklace DIY Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Rhythms of Play

Yes, there are many great ways to make great, stylish acorn necklaces and this one is definitely one of them. Like we said earlier, this design uses the 2-part structure of an acorn to make things more interesting. You only need the cap to hang your cord, then you can use a marble for it to hold on to. A shiny alternative!

11. Toadstools Made of Acorns: Perfect Window Decoration!

DIY Acorn Toadstools - DIY Acorn Toadstools Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Twig & Toadstool

Toadstools are another signature look of fall. And although they look adorable, an organic toadstool is a little hard to implement on a DIY craft decoration. But you can still use and acorn to mimic a toadstool! Here is how…

12. Autumn Puppets Made of Paper and Burlap!

Fall Acorn Friend Puppets - DIY Fall Acorn Friend Puppets Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Glued to My Crafts

A great combination of acorn design, burlap leaves and some cute little buttons… These puppets are just too cute to be skipped on! They don’t actually require acorns but they use the shape of an acorn for the cardboard heads. Check out this simple guide and learn how to make your very own burlap puppets!

13. Pompom Acorn Craft for Kids!

DIY Pompom Acorn - DIY Pompom Acorn Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Adventure in a Box

These cute little pompom acorns are the perfect fit for your kid’s room decoration! You only need some small pompoms, acorn caps, and a cord to tie and hang them on the light or some place they would look good on.

14. Paper Plate Autumn Craft!

Paper Plate Craft - DIY Paper Plate Craft Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Joy of Sharing

Another great option for your kid to make and hang on the fridge this autumn! This one can be a bit more textual, and it is made out of paper plate. But again, it is mostly a draw job so you won’t have to look for materials around every corner of the city.

15. Cute Little Snowmen Made of Acorns

Acorn Snowmen - DIY Acorn Snowmen Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Pinterested Parent

As said earlier, fall and winter can work together perfectly. This guide just gives the perfect response to that by crafting snowmen out of acorns! Check out this guide and get started right away!

16. An Alternative Peg Doll Idea!

Acorn peg dolls - DIY Acorn peg dolls Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Babyccino

Peg dolls designs are timeless classics, especially when they are combined with acorns. As you can see, there are lots of options for you to start crafting with peg dolls with acorns. This one is a slightly different alternative to the previous two on the list.

17. Pumpkins Meet Acorns – A Selection for Autumn!

Painted Pumpkin Acorns - DIY Painted Pumpkin Acorns Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Festive Fetti

The two symbols of the autumn. Acorns and pumpkins! Pumpkins are a bit more of a Halloween special in comparison to acorns. But you don’t need a time and place to decorate your house with these cute little pumpkin painted acorns. If it’s close to Halloween, you can also paint a couple of scary eyes and a mouth on it as well!

18. Painted Acorns for Your Christmas Decorations!

Christmas Acorns Decorations - DIY Christmas Acorns Decorations Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Pillar Box Blue

Here is an amazingly simple guide to painting your acorns for Christmas! After following this guide through and finish painting your acorns, you can also combine it with some of the other craft ideas on our list and switch to a painted acorn alternative with them!

19. Felt Acorns with a Little Twist!

Felt Acorns - DIY Felt Acorns Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Everything Etsy

This is a quick little guide showing you how to make blueish, turquoise acorns from felt! They make amazing decorations and they can be used in almost any of the other craft selections on our list!

20. Acorn Napkin Rings for Your Dinners Throughout This Autumn


Get the Ideas Here: The Girl Inspired

In addition to the previous selection on our list, this guide shows you how to make very elegant napkin rings from your freshly made felt acorns. Enjoy your family dinners with these cute little napkin rink crafts! (don’t forget to find matching napkins!)

21. Squirrel Toys Made of Acorns!

DIY Squirrel Acorn - DIY Squirrel Acorn Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Mama Instincts

It is an odd choice to make squirrels out of acorns. It’s like making monkey out of bananas or cat from fish bones… But it acorns and squirrels are a good match apparently. Plus, the hair on this squirrel looks so goofy in a good way. Make sure you add a couple of wiggle eyes though, just in case…

22. Decorate Your Bookshelves with These Little Acorn Houses!

DIY Acorn Houses - DIY Acorn Houses Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Pixie Hill

Pumpkins, toadstools, elves, snowmen… Alright what is next? A huh! Little elf houses made out of acorns! You can make an entire village of acorn elves if you combine them all!

23. Acorn Fairy is Here to Rescue! (Best Children’s Room Craft!)

DIY Acorn Fairy - DIY Acorn Fairy Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Willodel

This is a cute little fairy made out of a combination of acorns and its older cousin pinecone. And it is absolutely the best possible children’s room decoration to ever be placed on fall season! Your kids are definitely going to have a fun time crafting these adorable little toys.

24.A Small Bowl of Easter Acorns!

Fabric Acorn Tutorial - DIY Fabric Acorn Tutorial Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Zemphira

We previously mentioned a guide to paint acorns. Alternatively, you can also use cotton to wrap your acorns around! They might not be as much fun in the making process, but they definitely look good!

25. This Acorn Wreath is Perfect for you to Hang on Your Door This Autumn!

DIY Acorn Wreath - DIY Acorn Wreath Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Jaime Costiglio

Knock, Knock! Who is there? Your new favorite door decoration for the autumn season! This may look quite hard to craft, but it is definitely worth your time and effort! You’ll notice how much it look like it is professionally designed, especially after people start asking where did you get it!

Like we said before, acorns make the BEST vintage-fall designs with just the tasty enough dose of rural infusion surrounding it! What do you think about our picks? Which ones are you planning to craft?mDo you have any suggestions or ideas of you own?

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments down below and make sure to tune in for more quirky DIY ideas to craft with your kids!

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