Winter Season Special: 25 DIY Snowman Craft Ideas to Make on Snowy Day Ins!


Season of the blizzard has arrived! Winter is great when it first starts snowing. It takes the cold out the weather, it reminds you of which season it is, and it provides you with a lot of playful opportunities to go out, make some snowmen, and start some snowball fights! But it doesn’t stay like that for long. With the stormy weather moving in, the temperature dropping low, and the roads being frozen, you be wishing to go out unless it is really necessary. Which means, there is going to be a lot of days you and your kids will have to spend some time inside the house.

Sounds pretty boring, huh? But you can always bring fun inside the house and evaluate your time off to spend some fun crafty time with your kids!

Here are the 25 of our best interesting and amusing DIY craft ideas for you to start trying out wth your kids today!

1. Start Making Cute Little Popsicle Stick Snowmen!


Get the Ideas Here: Shruti Acharya from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Ever seen one of these cute DIY snowman crafts? They are as easy to make as they look adorable. With the creative use of some wiggle eyes, buttons, pipe cleaners, some paper-cutting, and, of course, popsicle sticks, you can easily make your very own popsicle stick snowmen! Even though glue is used to stick pieces with each other, you’ll also need the help of some patterned tape to make its cute little hat. Check out this simple guide to have a fun time crafting with your kids!

2. Use Socks to Make Snowmen. No Sewing Needed!

No-Sew Sock Snowman - DIY No-Sew Sock Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Easy Peasy and Fun

You can make cute 3D Snowman toys using your socks. And the best part being that it is 100% sew-free! Your kids can get started right away with no struggle. These adorable snowmen look so good that they make the perfect bookshelf decoration for your kids’ room! Take a look at this short, simple guide and have a wholesome crafty time with your kids today!

3. Make a Snowmen with Only 3 Bottlecaps!

Bottle Cap Snowman - DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Dollar Tree

What makes a snowman? Basically, you need 3 circles for the body; a nose, eyes, and a mouth for the face; and the rest is accessory. There are lots of creative ways to get the body parts done. Using 3 bottle caps is one of those ways! You can simply collect a bunch of bottle caps for a week and use them to decorate your Christmas tree this year! The guide shows you how to make them with a ribbon so that you can also pin them around with the help of a needle.

4. Paper Plate Snowman for Your Kids to Make!

Paper Plate Snowman - DIY Paper Plate Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crafty Morning

This is a simple way for kids to make quite big snowman. At least in comparison to some of our other picks to make a snowman. Paper plates make the perfect basis to make a snowman. They are big, white, and circular. The rest is mostly crafted by paper. Cutting, dying, and gluing is a big part of this craft idea. But you can also take a step further and use clothing to make it more multi-dimensional. Take a look at this simple guide to get started right away!

5. Drink Coffee with Style: Snowman Cups!


Get the Ideas Here: Heidi from One Creative Mommy

DIY crafts don’t always have to be all about kids to have a play time. These cute little snowmen are both enjoyable by children to be crafted and adult to be used on their daily lives! Terra cotta snowman cups are the most adorable way to take a sip of your morning coffee! The craft is a little more advanced in terms of skills and equipment, but it is a worthwhile craft, nonetheless. Take some time of your day to guide your kids through the process and enjoy your hot cup of coffee out of a snowman for many years to come!

6. Forget The Three-Piece Structure; Here Are the Lightbulb Snowmen!

Light Bulb Snowman - DIY Light Bulb Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Carol from Always the Holidays

Lightbulbs have excellent shape to be turned into a snowman! With only a little struggle, you can make adorable lightbulb snowman ornaments to be decorating your house, all throughout the winter season. Get started with this simple guide and have crafty time with your children!

7. 2×4 Wood to Make Unique Snowmen!


Get the Ideas Here: Keeping It Simple

Only a few shorts steps are applied to turn your 2×4 into a snowman statue! Simply take a 2×4 and cut it into 3 pieces with progressively shortening parts., glue them all together, use a brush to paint its face, and start dressing your snowman for the occasion!

8. This is the Goofiest Looking Popsicle Stick Snowman!

Popsicle sticks Olaf - DIY Popsicle sticks Olaf Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Hani from Craftionary

Want to take a step away from the conventional snowman design? With the help of some popsicle sticks, your kids can start making the goofy snowman from the animation called Frozen! Only takes about 5-7 popsicle sticks, an orange pompom to make the nose, some pipe cleaners to make the hairs, a couple of wiggle eyes, and a paint job to get it done.

9. Rocks Painted Like Snowmen!

Snowman Painted Rocks - DIY Snowman Painted Rocks Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Three little white rocks and a paint job is all you need to get started on this one! Your kids can go on a little garden tour, picks some rocks, and enjoy some time under a cozy blanket to paint cute little snowmen on rocks. Check out this guide for inspiration on the design!

10. Craft Sticks to Make Quick Little Snowmen!


Get the Ideas Here: Kim from The Resourceful Mama

Crafts sticks are an amazing tool when you are making… literally anything. But these little snowmen look especially cute with their cozy little winter cloths! Check out this guide to make your set of stick snowmen today!

11. Woodblock Snowman Without Using 2×4!

Wood Block Snowman - DIY Wood Block Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kimberly from Single Girl’s DIY

If you don’t have any 2×4, any other woodblock can also get the job done when it comes to crafting snowmen with your children! With a great massage like “Let it snow” written on it, there s no reason not to have these cute little snowmen laying around the house this winter.

12. Clothespin Make Great Alternative to Popsicle Stick Snowmen!


Get the Ideas Here: Angela from About a mom

If you don’t think giving your kids popsicles a good idea in wintertime, you can also use wood clothespin to have the same effect. Check out this simple guide to get started right away!

13. Wood Slice Snowman Ornaments!

Snowman Ornament - DIY Snowman Ornament Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Inspiration Edit

Wood slices encapsulate the theme of winter. This guide will show you how exactly you can take these wood slices and turn them into cute little snowmen in no time!

14. Cotton Ball Snowman! (Not like what your think!)

Snowman Craft Card - DIY Snowman Craft Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Best Ideas for Kids

Yep, cottons seem a little obvious to make a snowman out of. But this is not your typical 3-ball cotton snowman guide. You can also use cotton balls to make a one big snowman head. Check out this simple guide to learn how!

15. DIY Snowman Toy for Your Kids to Play With!

Snowman Pom Pom Drop - DIY Snowman Pom Pom Drop Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Fynn Happy Tot Shelf

This pompom throwing, color matching game can be easily made out of your simple household items! Just use a tissue box, different colored pompoms, some construction paper, and some basic craft tools like scissors, pens, and glue to get started right away!

16. Snowman Stacking Game!

Snowman Stacking Game - DIY Snowman Stacking Game Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Toddler Approved

No single game is ever enough when you are stuck inside the house on a winter day. Here is another amusing opportunity for you to start enjoying your time at home and craft some snowmen with your kids!

17. DIY Snowman Snow Globe Card!


Get the Ideas Here: Coffee Cups and Crayons

This snow globe card is easy to make and perfect to be hung down your fridge! All you need is some cardstocks, scissors, glues, pencils, and paintings. Don’t forget to right endearing notes on it to read every time when you go near the kitchen!

18. Snowman Stone Puzzle for All Ages! (Almost.)

Snowman Stone Puzzle - DIY Snowman Stone Puzzle Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Little Pine Learners

It is good to get your kids playing puzzle to train their minds. But who says you have to stop there when it is even better to craft your own puzzle game with your kids? Especially when it’s that easy! Kids of almost all ages can play this snowman stone puzzle and have a fun time at home! It is quite simple to make and all you need to get started is some stones, markers, and a sheet of paper.

19. Easy to Craft Melting Topographic Snowman Toy!


Get the Ideas Here: Stay at Home Educator

Here is a fun educator for your kids have some quality time with! This melting snowmen toy can teach your kids sequencing and basic scissor usage while having a fun time doing it. Get started with this simple guide, right away!

20. Simple Abacus Snowman Craft!

Counting Snowman - DIY Counting Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Happy Tot Shelf

Education never seizes with this craft lists. This simple guide shows you how to make your very own snowman abacus using simple household items. Free printable templates are shared on this simple tutorial!

21. Clay Pot Snowmen Craft to Decorate Shelfs with!

Clay Pot Snowman - DIY Clay Pot Snowman Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crafty Morning

Winter decorations are just the best! And this cute little snowman is no different from the rest of them. This simple little craft can easily be done by your kids and it is perfectly stylish for you to showcase your kids’ talent in every winter season!

22. Kid-friendly Snowman Window Decoration!

Window Snowman Activity - DIY Window Snowman Activity Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Mama.Puppa.Bubba.

Window decorations are often hard to craft but easy to screw up. But this simple little craft idea makes good use of tapes to take it easy for both you and your kids to start crafting your new window decorations. Check out this guide to get started right away!

23. These Easy to Craft Paper Plate Snowmen Masks Look Adorable on your Kids!


Get the Ideas Here: Jodi from Meaningful Mama

We went through more than enough of toys and decorations on this list. How about some wearable art crafted by your kids for a change? If you are thinking yes, these cute little snowman masks are just the gems you are looking for then! Check out this guide and get started right away!

24. Cardboard Tube Snowman Craft for a Fun Crafty Time!

Toilet Paper Tube Snowmen - DIY Toilet Paper Tube Snowmen Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Aimee from Extreme Couponing Mom

Cardboard tubes often lead to easy to make, simplistic crafts. But this particular DIY idea is definitely farm form simplistic. With the clever use of pompoms and some pieces of cloth, you can make cardboard tube snowmen just as cute as any clay craft out there!

25. Foam Ball Snowman Decoration! (Easy to Make, Kid-friendly Idea!)

Snowman Holiday Decoration - DIY Snowman Holiday Decoration Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Heidi Kundin from Happiness is Homemade

Perhaps the most well defined and the craftiest of our selection for this list of DIY winter craft ideas are these cute little foam ball snowmen! They are quite easy to craft, and they take only a few tools to make. But in the end, you’ll have some medium-sized dressed up snowmen to decorate every corner of your house with. Get started right away with this easy to follow guide!

Did you enjoy our list? Got any interesting ideas of your own? Share with us in the comments down below and don’t forget to enjoy this nice snowy season of winter!

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