Season of the Penguins: 25 DIY Penguin Ideas to Craft with Your Kids on This New Year!


The new year is coming. And there is one cute animal that’s been the symbol of winter for generations. It’s the penguins. (Besides from reindeers, of course.) So, we decided to announce this week’s DIY theme to be nonother than our beaky old friends.

How about adding a couple of side gifts to send out to your friends and family this year made by the very own hands of your kids? Because sometimes the best gifts that we can give, are the gifts that we make on our own.

Allow your kids to enjoy a crafty time with our top 25 picks for DIY penguin crafts!

1. Handprint Penguins to be Framed and Hanged on the Kids Room!

Handprint Penguin - DIY Handprint Penguin Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Best Ideas For Kids

Display your kids’ crafting skills with this easy-to-make DIY idea! You can frame these cute cardstocks to be hung on the kid’s room. Or you can simply magnet them on your fridge!

2. Fun DIY Pop-up Penguins to Enlighten Your Kid’s Study Unit With!


Get the Ideas Here: Kids Craft Room

With this little pop-up penguin sitting on your kid’s study unit, study hours should never have to be boring again! This easy-to-follow DIY guide lays down how exactly you can make your very own pop-up penguins. (Printable templates are included!) The printable template on the designer’s website has still paper eyes. But you can always spice things up with a couple of wiggle eyes of your own!

3. Teach your kids yarn weaving with this DIY penguin idea!


Get the Ideas Here: Non-Toy Gifts

Kids are great learners. But sometimes they might need the proper motivation to get started on developing new skills. This simple DIY guide can show you how to make adorable paper plate penguins to rest under your cup of tea, all while teaching your kids how to yarn weave!

4. Easy and Fast Formula: Make paper roll penguins!

paper roll penguins - DIY paper roll penguins Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Easy Peasy and Fun

Do you want to get started with one of these DIY ideas right now? This simple paper roll trick to make penguins can help you to have your own decorative paper penguins in less than 5 minutes! All you have to do is to roll two black cardstocks. Rest can all be done via watercolors.

5. Reuse Egg Cartons with This DIY Penguin Idea!

Egg Carton Penguins - DIY Egg Carton Penguins Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Debbie Chapman from One Little Project

You can make use of your undesired paper material by reusing them via DIY crafts! One way to do it is to turn them into this DIY egg cartoon penguins. This guide shows you and your kids both how to make adorable egg cartoon penguins and how to reuse and recycle paper waste!

6. For long lasting Christmas decorations: DIY pine penguins


Get the Ideas Here: Agnes from Hello Wonderful

With this simple DIY idea, your kids can have a great time decorating the house on this Christmas! Simply placing pinecones isn’t enough sometimes. You can add a flavor of your own to it… These cute penguins made by genuine pinecones truly look like high-end decorations! (Until you take a closer look at the carton work, of course.) Make better use of your pinecones and allow your kids to have a great crafty time with this DIY guide!

7. Reuse Paper Bags with This DIY Penguin puppet Idea!


Get the Ideas Here: Kim from The Resourceful Mama

Recycling should be the center piece of every DIY adventure. And what better way there is to reuse a paper bag if not to make a penguin puppet out of it! You can reuse your paper bags to make adorable penguin puppets with this simple DIY guide. You don’t have to use pre-colored paper bags, as shown in the guide. You can use watercolors to paint your used paper bags.

8. How about your paper cups? Simple way to reuse them!


Get the Ideas Here: Home Made with Aaron

With only the help of 4 cut pieces (2 orange legs, an orange nose, and one white coat) and a couple of wiggle eyes, you can turn your black paper cup into an adorable penguin craft!

9. Spare a moment to make these heart-shaped penguins with your Kids!

Heart Penguin - DIY Heart Penguin Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kaitlen from Simple Mom Project

This one is made possible by a good ole cutting and gluing session. Nothing too fancy, nothing advanced. Just the basics of DIY. You can get your kids started on making these DIY hart-shaped penguins today!

10. Reuse Your Paper Plates with This DIY Penguin Formula!

Paper Plate Penguin - DIY Paper Plate Penguin Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Our Potluck Family

Paper plates are used way too often, and they usually get trashed after the first use. This simple DIY trick allows you to make your vey own paper plate penguins to be used more the 3 times! With this simple guide you’ll be able to make use of your paper plates, have adorable penguin designs on your reusable paper plates, and spend quality time with your kids!

11. How to Make Clay Penguins (+Air Dry Clay Recipe!)


Get the Ideas Here: Ritu Gera from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Get ready to learn an amazing air-dry clay recipe with this DIY craft idea! You can make all kinds of shapes and figures with clay. One top of that, you can make cute little stop motion films with your kids! Learn how to make your very own air-dry clay and clay penguins with this guide.

12. Great Christmas House Decors: Foam Egg Penguins!

Foam Egg Penguin Craft - DIY Foam Egg Penguin Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crafty Morning

You can decorate your tv table with these adorable little foam egg penguins while having a great time with your kids making it! The formula is quite simple and mostly requires paintings. But you can add little paper feet to your penguins for extra appeal!

13. Decorate Your Christmas Tree with This DIY Ornament!


Get the Ideas Here: No Time for Flash Cards

Red ornaments are old. We’ve been using them for decades now, and we need a change! You can use simple household items to make these amazing DIY penguin ornaments for this new year’s Christmas tree decoration!

14. Another Paper Plate Idea!

Paper Plate Penguin Craft - DIY Paper Plate Penguin Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Simple Everyday Mom

This DIY penguin paper plates idea is more suited for practical use than the one before! If you find some, you can also use metal plates to make them last longer. Or even aluminum foils can do the trick.

15. Rock Painting Your Adorable Little Penguins!

Penguin Rock Painting - DIY Penguin Rock Painting Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Living Life & Learning

This recipe to make your own penguin is definitely going to last longer than any other one on the list! Learn how to rock paint with your kids and make adorable penguins to decorate your house on this new year!

16. A Great mixture of Vintage and Cute: DIY Wooden Penguin Ornaments!


Get the Ideas Here: Heather from Homemade Heather

These cute little Christmas tree ornaments got the best out of both deals: the simplistic appeal of vintage theme, and the fun and exciting aspect of penguin design! With this 100% DIY-friendly guide, you can decorate your Christmas tree to both show your unique taste and express your easy-going fun character. Make these cute wooden penguin ornaments today!

17. Paint More Rocks!

painting Penguin Rocks - DIY painting Penguin Rocks Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Jane and Sonja from Sustain my Craft Habit

This DIY rock painting guide uses a lot more appealing patterns and penguin designs. Great alternative to the previous one!

18. Reuse popsicle sticks to make penguins with your kids!

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft - DIY Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Joy of Sharing

Are you having a little desert time with your kids? Good. Because popsicle sticks make great DIY materials! With this simple DIY penguin formula, you can make use of your popsicle sticks and have quality time crafting with your kids!

19. 3D Penguins for a Fun Time Crafting!

DIY Paper Penguin - DIY DIY Paper Penguin Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: S&S Blog

Your kids will have a great time crafting this 3D penguin! Although it may look a little too hard for kids to make it, this guide shows the step-by-step method of using simple DIY materials to make your very own 3D penguins.

20. This is the Best Salt Dough Formula!


Get the Ideas Here: Louise from Messy Little Monster

Ready to make some cute little Christmas decoration with your kids? This salt dough formula is great for making small but solid designs! Enhance your kids’ creativity with this DIY salt dough penguin idea!

21. A Unique Paper Plate Penguin Formula!

Penguin Paper Plate - DIY Penguin Paper Plate Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crayola

Alright, alright. How unique can a paper plate penguin can get. But the patterns in this DIY craft idea is drastically different than all the others I’ve seen so far. Though, this one isn’t likely to stay functioning as a paper plate. Get crafty with your kids making this paper plate design!

22. Turn Your Ornaments into Hangable Penguins!

Penguin Ornament Craft - DIY Penguin Ornament Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Brandy from Gluesticks

We’ve shared some penguin ornament ideas before on this list. But this formula is a little different than those because this one isn’t focused on turning penguins into ornaments, and more interested in turning ornaments into penguin figures that you can hang wherever you wish! This design also has one of the cutest ideas of making the penguin’s head fluffy!

23. Paper Bag Penguin Design for Your Kids to Enjoy!

Paper Bag Penguin Craft - DIY Paper Bag Penguin Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: ABC’s of Literacy

Paper bag penguins never get old. They are adorable little crafts that your kids can play as puppets and have an amazing time getting creative with! This paper bag formula offers a cute penguin puppet made by only simple carton work. You can always switch the paper with wiggle eyes to make it more interesting!

24. Cardboard Tube Penguin Crafts for People in a Hurry!

Cardboard Tube Penguins - DIY Cardboard Tube Penguins Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crafts by Amanda

Looking for an easy craft to make with your kids? This is an amazing cardboard tube guide to make adorable penguins if you want to have an easier time crafting!

25. Fully Functioning Penguin Paper Plates!

Paper Plate Penguin Craft - DIY Paper Plate Penguin Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: A Dab of Glue Will Do

You can use these penguin paper plates to greet your guests on this new year! This paper plate formula allows you to decorate your paper plates to look like adorable little penguins. All you need is paper plates, cardboards, and a couple of wiggle eyes! Rest is done with the help of simple DIY tools like glues and scissors.

Did you enjoy our list? Which one was your favorite penguin design to be made this winter season? Do you have any DIY ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments down below and enjoy a happy new year!

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