Happy Earth Day: The Top 25 DIY Crafts to Teach Your Kids Recycling With!


Earth Day has been celebrated every year for decades by the whole globe to create awareness to pollution, climate change, and support environmental protection.
You can celebrate Earth Day by showing your support to environmental protection institutions and teaching your children the importance of products!
In order to help you do that, we’ve gathered here some the most creative and interesting ways for you to teach your kids how they can recycle, reuse, and reduce with these 25 DIY craft ideas!

1. Paint Trees with Your Egg Cartoons!

Recycled Egg Carton Tree - DIY Recycled Egg Carton Tree Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Stacy Gibbon from Glued to My Crafts

Recycling doesn’t have to be as boring as just separating paper, plastic, glass, and metal waste before throwing them away. (Although it is encouraged!) A great way for kids to begin recycling is to use egg cartoons to enhance their imagination! Let your kids have a crafty time with throwaway egg cartoons and learn how to make use of their day-to-day waste in a fun and exciding way. The guide shows how to make trees using egg cartoons, but you can also encourage them to get creative and come up with their own ideas to use egg cartoon for drawing.

2. Use Recycled Materials to Make a Wall of Art!


Get the Ideas Here: Barbara Rucci from Art Bar Blog

Cardboard tubes, egg cartoons, boxes, or any other waste that should have been throw out can be used to make beautiful art by your children! Show your kids how to make use of everything at their disposal to express themselves creatively teaching them how to reduce, reuse, recycle at the same time. This guide gives you a good example of where to start, but you can also get a little creative and use waste that were not listed in this article. How about using torn out shirts and old clothing with it?

3. Fairy House Night Lights to Teach Your Kids How to Recycle!

Fairy House Night Lights - DIY Fairy House Night Lights Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Crafts by Amanda

Best examples of recycling crafts are the one that also make waste a good use of! This craft idea is one of the finest examples of creativity, fun, and art coming together with recycling to teach your kids an enjoyable lesson that will stay with them forever! Get started right away on making yourselves a fairy house night light from recycled waste!

4. You Can Make Necklaces from Plastic Egg Cartoons!

Recycled Stem Craft - DIY Recycled Stem Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Little Bins Little Hands

Wearable art can be enjoyed by your kids for many years. By recycling a piece of plastic egg cartoon, you can make your kids amazing necklaces while teaching them the importance of environmental protection! Do you think you can make it more interesting with adjustment? Start now with the help of this simple, easy to follow guide and let us know the results!

5. Cereal Box Can Be Recycled Into Toy Guitars!

Cereal Box Guitar - DIY Cereal Box Guitar Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: My Teaching Station

This is where crafting, art, music, and recycling meets! You can use throwaway cereal boxes to make toy guitars, help the environment, have fun with your kids, show them how to recycle, and craft goods, all while encouraging them to get interested in playing instruments. Follow this guide to get the most of recycling!

6. Use Bread Tags to Make Arts!


Get the Ideas Here: Handmade Charlotte

Despite being extremely useful for keeping your bread away from humidity, bread tags are often accidentally thrown away. But if you keep collecting some of your bread tags instead of throwing them right away, your children can use them to make beautiful art and have some quality time learning about recycling! Check out this amazing guide to get inspired!

7. Salt Dough Necklace is the New Wave!

Salt Dough Necklace - DIY Salt Dough Necklace Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Natural Beach Living

Make Earth Day themed necklaces from salt dough and recycled material! With these pieces of wearable art, your kids can express them the best way possible while recycling waste and learning how to save the environment at the same time. Watch your kids make this cool salt dough necklaces to be worn for many years to come!

8. Daises from Cupcake Liners!

Cupcake Liner Daisy - DIY Cupcake Liner Daisy Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Chelsey from Buggy and Buddy

Much like trees from egg cartoon, your kids can use cupcake liners to make daisies wile drawing! Teach them the importance of recycling with this fun little craft!

9. Earth Day Themed Treat Cups!


Get the Ideas Here: Simple as That

What is the best encouragement for a kid to learn about the importance of recycling? It is, without a doubt, desserts! With little help from the printable template shared in this guide, you can make your kids Earth Day themed treat cups with delicious desserts in them.

10. Goofy Looking Tin Can Planters from Recycled Material!

Recycled Tin Can Planters - DIY Recycled Tin Can Planters Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Tried and True Blog

You can use recycled material to make goofy planters, teach your kids environmental protection, AND get them interested in gardening! These adorable tin cans make the best planters you can find anywhere around the world, 100% from recycled material. Learn more about them by reading this simple guide!

11. Paper Plate Craft to Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day Paper Plate Craft - DIY Earth Day Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Simple Parent

Make Earth Day enjoyable for your kids with this fun quick little craft! All you need is a card, some paintings, and a paper plate. You can start making your very own Earth Day crafts just like that!

12. Make Seed Starters from Juice Box!

Upcycled Juice Box Seed Starters - DIY Upcycled Juice Box Seed Starters Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Janssen from Modern Parents Messy Kids

Recycling is an important part of the Earth Day. But planting and growing is also crucial to save the planet! You can use juice boxes to make seed starters and teach your kids the fun of growing seeds while educating them on environment protection at the same time. Follow this guide to get started and make sure to let us know how it all went down!

13. Butterflies from Nature Itself!


Get the Ideas Here: Kate Williams from Crafts on Sea

Best way to celebrate the Earth Day is to be among Earth itself! Teach your kids to use what they find in nature to make butterfly crafts and spend some quality time outside while doing it!

14. Craft This Gorgeous Globe on This Earth Day!

DIY Gorgeous Globe - DIY Gorgeous Globe Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Bettijo from Paging Supermom

By making a gigantic globe like this, you can decorate your house for the Earth Day, and teach your kids about geography while doing it! Get started on making your very own globe model with this simple guide!

15. Stamp Earth Shades with Balloon!

Balloon Stamping - DIY Balloon Stamping Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Jackie Cravener from I Heart Arts and Craft

Balloons make the best stamps when it comes to painting Earth! Take a time off on this Earth Day to make some cute little Earth stamps with your kids!

16. Handprint Flowers for Earth Day!

DIY Handprint Flowers - DIY Handprint Flowers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Beth Gorden from PreSchool Play and Learn

Flowers, trees, and plants are the symbols of Earth Day. You can use recycled materials for your kids to craft some cool flower posters, teaching them the importance of environmental protection! Get started with this simple guide!

17. Let’s Make Earth Day Cards a Thing!

Handprint Earth Craft - DIY Handprint Earth Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Sam from Simple Everyday Mom

It is tradition to send cards on holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter. But what about Earth Day cards? Let’s use recycled material on this earth day to send lovely cards to each other! This guide can be a great source of inspiration for you to get started right away!

18. Creative Earth Day Crafts and Decorations!

Fantastic Earth Day Craft - DIY Fantastic Earth Day Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Inspiration Edit

These Earth Day crafts for kids make great decoration for your house! Let everyone know about environmental protection and the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle on this Earth Day!

19. Earth Day Themed Suncatchers from Recycled Plastic!

Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers - DIY Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Books and Giggles

Plastic is extremely important to be recycled! They make up an important chunk of environmental pollution on both oceans and land. Recycling them is the best course of action for everyone to act their parts on saving the environment. Make these beautiful looking suncatchers with your kids to inspire everyone to try and recycling plastic in creative ways!

20. Earth Heart Crafts from Paper Plates!


Get the Ideas Here: Non-Toy Gifts Easy Crafts for Kids

Another paper plate for your kids to enjoy making on this Earth Day. Start crafting with this simple guide!

21. Earth Day Clay Craft Time!

Clay Craft for Earth Day - DIY Clay Craft for Earth Day Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Adventure in a Box

Clay crafts are sometimes hard to get right by children, and even adults. But when they are done correctly, they look absolutely adorable! Like everything else in life, practice can be a great way to achieve making adorable clay crafts. Get your kids started on crafting with clay and make adorable little globes on this Earth Day!

22. Earth Day Toy from Paper Plates!


Get the Ideas Here: Kim from The Resourceful Mama

Another Fun looking Earth made mostly by paper plates! You can use recycled material to make the arms and the legs as well. Get creative!

23. Make the Entire Solar System from Recycled Material!


Get the Ideas Here: Messy Little Monster

This is the perfect way to teach your kids both about the Earth Day and our Solar System! Get started on crafting your very own solar system from recycled materials such as popsicle sticks!

24. Earth Day Craft Made from K Cups!

K Cup Earth Craft - DIY K Cup Earth Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Artsy Momma

This K cup craft can teach your kids the importance of environmental protection, while making it a fun time for them crafting the Earth! Use recycled materials and don’t be afraid to add a little something from our own. Get creative with it!

25. Tissue Paper Globes to Be Shared on Earth Day!

Tissue Paper Globe Craft - DIY Tissue Paper Globe Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Brandy from Gluesticks

With only the help of a Styrofoam ball, some blue and green tissues, a scissors and, some glue, your kids can easily make a globe and celebrate the Earth Day with it! Optionally, you can add your globe eyes, hands, and legs to make it more fun. You can also put a little recycled hat on top of it, you have countless options to choose from!

How are you planning on celebrating the Earth Day this year? Do you have any of your own interesting ideas of an Earth Day craft to raise awareness? Let us know in the comments down below, and remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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