How to Make a Heart-Shaped Box: 25 DIY Origami Ideas for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is closing up! Have you chosen a gift for your date yet? We know, it is not easy for everyone to choose gifts…

In fact, it is not easy to choose gifts, period. So, you have the option of scrolling through online stores to pick out a gift. Or, you can take a step further and make unique and thoughtful gifts with origami art!

Here are our picks for the 25 best valentine’s day DIY origami ideas.

1. Start Simple: Origami Heart

Origami Heart - DIY Origami Heart Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Chrissy Pushkin from The Spruce Crafts

New to origami? Don’t worry, you can get started right away with this simple guide! After getting the principles right with a quick origami heart, you are good to go. On top of that, an origami heart makes up the basis of about every valentine’s day crafts, so you’ll need it!

2. Books Make Great Gifts. Add These Heart-Shaped Bookmarks in to Be Unique!


Get the Ideas Here: Amy from The Idea Book

Ready to move on to an amazing handmade gift idea? These adorable heart-shaped bookmarks are perfect to be gifted aside with a book! It doesn’t take too much work to make either, just after a few easy folds, you’ll have yourself an elegant piece of origami art ready to put smiles on anyone it’s gifted to!

3. Origami Heart Cupcake toppers

winged heart cupcake toppers - DIY winged heart cupcake toppers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Casey from Vitamini Handmade

Nothing warms someone’s heart faster than a cupcake made with passion! Although, the secret ingredient to any delicious pastry is love, it doesn’t hurt to be unique while doing it! You can achieve that thoughtful uniqueness by serving them with your very own handmade heart-shaped origami toppers. After all, there is always room for dessert!

4. Spark Up Your Words with These Origami Heart Envelopes

Folding Envelope Hearts - DIY Folding Envelope Hearts Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Martha Stewart

Did you write a letter for yours truly? The passion and the romance of your words is best suited to be served inside an envelope as elegant as a swan can be. Only with the help of paper, scissor, pencil, and stickers, you can make the perfect origami envelope to carry out these words inside.

5. Super-Fast Origami Heart Bookmark Technique!

Origami Heart Bookmark - DIY Origami Heart Bookmark Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Amy from DIY Candy

Want to make a quick hard-shaped bookmark to go with your present fast and easy? This guide is perfect for you! With this origami bookmark technique, you can make your own heart-shaped bookmark in only a matter of few short minutes.

6. Capture the Moment and Eternalize Them with These Origami Picture Frames


Get the Ideas Here: Handmade Charlotte

Times pass by like speeding bullets do. And memories fade away over time. But you can always immortalize the ones your wish to remember inside a frame. This is the perfect origami picture frame idea that can be easily done! Give your loved ones a chance to remember your best moments decorated with this DIY frame.

7. Wrap Delicious Lollipops with These Heart-Shaped Covers!

Heart Sucker Covers - DIY Heart Sucker Covers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Cindy from Skip to My Lou

Lollipops always make great desserts. With the help of this easy formula, you can make customized heart-shaped covers to repackage them! Share your love with a basket of lollipops on this valentine’s day.

8. Heart Owl Bookmarks for Quirky Reads!

Owl Corner Bookmark - DIY Owl Corner Bookmark Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Maggy from Red Ted Art

If the last two options for origami bookmarks were a little dull for your taste, try making these heart-shaped owl book marks! They are fairly easy to make and they’ll look while keeping track of where you left off after a read.

9. Have a Fun Time Sharing These Valentine’s Day Jokes: Cootie Catchers!

Valentine Cootie Catchers - DIY Valentine Cootie Catchers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Nikkala from Crafting Chicks

Feeling a little mischievous this valentine’s day? This cootie catcher is the perfect break you need off work! Have a fun time sharing these Valentine’s Day Cootie Catchers!

10. Quick Folded Paper Hearts to Decorate Your House on This Valentine’s Day!


Get the Ideas Here: Barbara Rucci from Art Bar Blog

These are quick heart-shaped valentine’s day decorations that are as cute and adorable as they are easy to make! Fill your house with these little hearts on this Valentine’s Day!

11. Adorable Origami Cats Hiding Behind Hearts!

Origami Heart Pocket - DIY Origami Heart Pocket Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Chrissy from Paper Kawaii

Simple and fast is fine, but when it comes to valentine’s day decoration, you’ve got a lot more options than just that. Your options are limitless. If you think cats are cute, you can add little hearts on them and design your cat themed valentine’s day decoration?

12. Don’t Want to Deal with Envelopes? Make These Origami Valentine’s Day Cards!


Get the Ideas Here: SAS Does

Earlier on the list we mentioned a valentine’s day envelope to present your words with. But if you are one to speak less while telling more, an envelope might be a little too much for you. Try these origami valentine’s day card instead. It has a beautiful heart on it!

13. Let Eros Shoot Your Significant Others with These Origami Heart Arrows!

Valentine Cupid’s Arrow Tutorial - DIY Valentine Cupid’s Arrow Tutorial Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Paperdashery

We all know the deal with Eros. But how about surprising your mythology enthusiast significant other with these cute heart-shaped arrows? Decorate your house with these heart shaped arrows on this valentine’s day!

14. Have a Fun Time on Valentine’s Day with These Heart-Shaped Airplanes!


Get the Ideas Here: Lia Griffith

Here is an idea you’d never think of to be funny: Heart-shaped valentine’s day airplanes! At first, we didn’t think much of it, not nearly enough to add it on the list. However, after reading the comments down on this list and learn about the creative ways people have used them, we just had to add this one in!

15. More Complicated Origami Heart Decorations!


Get the Ideas Here: Gathering Beauty

These heart patters are an amazing way to decorate your house on this valentine’s day! They take a bit more time and effort than the previous ones but it’s sure worth it after you set them all up and enjoy your valentine’s day!

16. The Cutest Origami Bookmark Idea: Love Bug Bookmarks for Valentine’s Day!

Love Bug Bookmark - DIY Love Bug Bookmark Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Maggy from Red Ted Art

Looking for cuter ways to mark where you left off? These are hands down the cutest origami bookmarks that you can make at home!

17. Origami Heart Garlands: Handmade Option for Premium Decoration!


Get the Ideas Here: Alyssa & Carla

Decorate your house like a professional designer with these handcrafted DIY garlands! Everyone can decorate their house for the Valentine’s Day, but no one’s going to look that good after you hung some of these garlands around the house! And where do you get it? They are completely DIY-friendly! Check out this simple guide to start making some for yourself!

18. Paper Hearts Don’t Break Easy!

Origami Hearts - DIY Origami Hearts Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Martha Stewart

We’ve listed simple heart designs. We’ve listed complicated heart designs. These are the intermediate between the two.

19. Origami Valentine’s Day Boxes


Get the Ideas Here: Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

These origami boxes might not be shaped as a heart, but they are a great way to serve your gifts inside! You might want to step away from DIY when you are choosing your gifts. We get it. But there is still some room for you to make it personal! Make a gift box with your hand, and put some of your personality to it.

20. Design come to life: 3D Origami Hearts

3D Origami Hearts - DIY 3D Origami Hearts Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Life is a Party

These are the Valentine’s Day decorations for people who want to take a step further! You can use your new origami skills to make 3D hearts. They are sure to elevate the looks of your decorations and they can also be a great addition to be send next to your gift!

21. For the fun types: Origami Rings!

Origami Ring - DIY Origami Ring Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Chrissy from Paper Kawaii

How about a joyful moment making these origami rings? The best part is, after understanding how to make this hexagonal ring design, you can switch things up by adding some of your own patterns and ideas into it! You can make it heart shaped, you can make it cat shaped, you can make it 3D! Your options are infinite.

22. Customize Your Bouquets with This Origami Technique!

Heart Flower Bouquet - DIY Heart Flower Bouquet Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Haeley from Design Improvised

What is better than a bouquet of flowers? A handmade origami bouquet of flowers, of course! Like the gift box example, you can customize the guide to add something personal to it and make it unique! Here is an idea: show up to your significant other’s this valentine’s day with an origami box of chocolates and an origami bouquet of full of flowers! Nothing can make a night more special!

23. Origami Rose That Looks Stunningly Beautiful!

Origami Rose - DIY Origami Rose Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Craftaholic Witch

An origami bouquet of flowers is enough, but if you need an origami rose with it as well, we’ve got you covered! These look amazingly beautiful as is. But as long as you are creative with it, you can make it a lot more interesting than it’s spoused to.

24. Origami Ombre That Looks Even More Beautiful Than Roses!

Ombre Origami Valentines - DIY Ombre Origami Valentines Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Artists Network

This is hands down the hardest, but also the most rewarding piece of valentine’s day origami that you can find on this list. As much as it is hard to do, it is also fascinating and hard to stop looking at. Prepare to enjoy a beautiful time together with your significant other after showing it to them!

25. Interesting Design: Pop-up Kissing Lips Valentine’s Card!

Origami Valentine Card - DIY Origami Valentine Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

There are lots of deformational ideas that look amazing on this list. There are also lots of adorable and touching gift ideas. But none of them can hold a candle to these Pop-up Valentine’s Day cards when it comes to interesting design, creative humor, and fun usage!

What do you think about our list? Which DIY craft was your favorite? Do you have a different origami idea to make on this Valentine’s Day?

Let us know in the comments down below and have a relaxing Valentine’s Day!

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