The Best DIY Star Ideas: The 25 Ways to Craft Stars and Where to Use Them!


Stars are amazingly simple crafts and patterns that a lot of DIY enthusiasts enjoy making. But don’t let their simplicity fool you into thinking they are boring and useless!

They also offer a lot of versatility and stylistic opportunities as they lowkey open up a lot of doors for you to improve other craft ideas and make them more stylish in the process. So, all your craft ideas and DIY ventures that you pinned could be adjusted easily using a star design that could go with them. And besides all that, they are also useful decoration tools to consider for parties and holidays!

If you are the type of DIY enthusiast to take things a little further than what the world offers to you, consider learning some star designs and implementing them in your next crafty project!

Here are 25 of our best picks to give you a head start in crafting star patterns!

1. The Perfect Gift Topper for Your Presents!

Paper-Star Gift Toppers - DIY Paper-Star Gift Toppers Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Martha Stewart

Let’s start off simple, shall we? Here is an elegant little star idea that can elevate the appeal of your presents. In order to craft this star topper, you are going to do some cutting and folding. Nothing too special just yet. Then you’ll have to glue them all together at the end. It looks quite elegant and professional, but you don’t actually need anything more than a scissor, glue, and paper to achieve this look. On top of that, the printable templates are shared inside the guide for you to get started right away!

2. Star Necklaces That Your Kids Can Make Using Clay!


Get the Ideas Here: Gathering Beauty

Here is a fun way to use your star crafts, necklaces! This guide offers you an easy method to start making stars by using air-dry clays, which are often used in DIY projects and a fun way to turn your design into good use by making them a necklace! The guide shows you to make just a plain star with gliding flakes around them. But you can move away from that design a bit and actually draw some patterns on your star with the help of a toothpick and paint it the way you desire! An airbrush would be the best option for that.

3. Easy to Make Gloving Paper Stars as Christmas Lights!

fold paper stars - DIY fold paper stars Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kate from Mini Eco

This guide shows you how to make a star using cardboards. And offers you a printable template for you to get started. It also shows you how to turn them into Christmas lights which is just awesome! You can also find a various ways to use these lights with other crafts and improve them.

4. Another Paper Star Idea Made with Kirigami Art!

3D Paper Star Kirigami - DIY 3D Paper Star Kirigami Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Maggy from RedTedArt

Kirigami is the art of cutting and folding paper to make crafts. Here is a simple star craft idea showing you how to make kirigami-inspired stars for easy decorations. It also gives you some ideas to use them effectively, like on Christmas trees! All you need to get started on this easy little craft is some paper and scissors. You don’t need glue when you are using the kirigami technique!

5. Make Star Ornaments Using Yarn!

yarn star ornaments - DIY yarn star ornaments Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: BAR from Small for Big

Here, things start to get a little interesting! This craft idea has a little more texture in it and it uses yarns and pipe cleaners to give the star a good look. And they look a little less minimalistic than our previous pick with the cute little pompoms on the center of them. Don’t worry, though. They are still easy to make!

6. A Multi-Colored Paper Star Idea!


Get the Ideas Here: My Poppet Makes

Here is an interesting look for the quirky DIY enthusiasts! This one takes a step back and uses paper to make stars like the previous ones. The twist is, it has a unique shape, and it looks a lot less minimalistic with the patterned paper used in making it.

7. Origami Paper Star Ornaments for Kids from All Ages!


Get the Ideas Here: Hello, Wonderful

This one is a simple little ornament idea that your kids can start making right away! You can easily use them to decorate your Christmas tree and you don’t need much material to craft them.

8. 3D Paper Star with an Elegant Twist!

3D Paper Stars - DIY 3D Paper Stars Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Ana Dzingel from BabbleDabbleDo

Now, this craft idea really takes the standard materials and uses them to make something unique and brand new! These stars are elegant, sophisticated, and stylish at the same time. However, they are a lot less versatile than our previous pick, because they have no mass. You can still use them on gift boxes and hang them in various places around the house, including the Christmas tree!

9. A Paper Bag Star Design for the Vintage Lovers!

Artsy Paper Bag Stars - DIY Artsy Paper Bag Stars Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Pink Stripey Socks

Are you a fan of vintage design as well? This star craft idea is, although a lot less simplistic, offers a hint of improvement to our first few picks. It is almost as minimalistic as them. If you are a vintage fan, you should definitely give these stars a shot.

10. Foam Stars Covered with Yarn: Extra Durability!


Get the Ideas Here: Kim West from A Girl with a Glue Gun!

Foam offers versatility in your crafts because they are quite durable and have enough mass to carry out other materials. That’s why it is a perfect material to go with your star designs. They both feed on each other versatility and end up giving you enough options to start crafting on a yearlong journey. This particular foam star craft idea has yarns wrapped around it to give your stars a minimalistic look, which only adds up to versatility.

11. 5-Step Origami Star That You Can Craft in Less Than a Minute!

Origami Star - DIY Origami Star Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Autumn from It’s Always Autumn

Do you need to make as many paper stars as possible in a short amount of time? Then this one is a lifesaver for you! I would say it even takes less than going to the store and buying some stars. You’d be finished with these before you can even come home! A simple little craft technique that should be in every crafter’s arsenal.

12. Decorate Your Windows with This Star Craft!

Tissue Paper popsicles sticks - DIY Tissue Paper popsicles sticks Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Happy Hooligans

Window decoration has its challenges. Well, first of all, they should be easy to clean. You are going to need that window at the end. Besides that, they shouldn’t break the glass, and they should be small enough to give some space for you to be able to peep outside. This is a perfect craft that successfully eliminates all these challenges!

13. A Shooting Star Banner Perfect for Birthdays!


Get the Ideas Here: Hello, Wonderful

This craft idea plays on the strengths of star patterns. They are simple, they are versatile, and they are perfect for parties! Here is a simple little guide to starting crafting your star banners to fit every occasion from New Year to birthdays!

14. Another Vintage Star Design (Using Yarn This Time!)

Yarn star ornament - DIY Yarn star ornament Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Craft Train

This vintage star design is a lot more simplistic AND minimalistic than our previous selection of ours. On top of the vintage characteristics, this idea also has some rural appeal by its choice of natural materials like wooden sticks. With the help of some thin sticks and yarn to wrap them up, you can easily make them for yourself!

15. Puffy Star Ornaments, Cute Little Pillows!


Get the Ideas Here: Apple Green Cottage

Let’s just start off by saying this little star idea needs you to do a little sewing to get it done. But in the end, you’ll be left with a cute little pillow, that is also comfortable, to be decorating your bed and couches! The guide shows you how to make a small one, but you can adjust that for your own taste.

16. Magic Wand Star Design for Kids!

DIY Magic Wand - DIY DIY Magic Wand Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: HeartMade

These magic wands are adorable, and your kids definitely deserve to have them! This craft idea also uses sewing techniques because the star on it is puffy. If you don’t want to get into sewing, you can also try out some of the other star wand craft ideas on our list!

17. Starbursts from Straws: Perfect for Parties!


Get the Ideas Here: Aunt Peaches

Here is a perfect little star design for you to be decorating your table and kitchen on various occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, home warmers, Easter, Christmas, or any other reason to invite people over and have a little party!

18. A Patriotic Star Wreath Craft Perfect for the 4th of July!


Get the Ideas Here: The Resourceful Mama

This is a unique design for you to be decorating your house on the 4th of July! Once you get the idea, you can also alter them to fit other occasions. It’s really easy to turn them into a Christmas wreath. Just simply use one golden star to be on top, and find some fluffy green material to wrap them to look like a plant.

19. Glittering Stars for Birthday Cakes!

Glitter Star Wands - DIY Glitter Star Wands Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Hello, Wonderful

These cute little stars make birthday cakes ten times more beautiful! Just be careful not to over glide them or they might ruin the cake.

20. Rainbow Shooting Stars Made Using Ribbons!

Rainbow Ribbon - DIY Rainbow Ribbon Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Rhythms of Play

Better make a wish now because these stars are sure to be shooting your work desk soon! They are irresistible for kids to play with and they look absolutely adorable. Check out this simple guide to start crafting your very own shooting star wands!

21. Colorful Popsicle Stars: a Craft Classic with a Little Twist


Get the Ideas Here: Kids Craft Rooms

Popsicles are the simplest way to make stars. This little design idea adds to that and gives it a little twist to make them more colorful and stylish! You can easily find the perfect place to hang them in the kid’s room and add a fresh, youthful sense of playfulness to the entire place!

22. Make a Wish! Star Wands for New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve Wishing Wands - DIY New Year’s Eve Wishing Wands Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Our Kid Things

This magic wand craft looks a lot more complex and glimmering than our previous picks! It uses the help of glitter foam sheets to grasp that aspect of the design and it actually becomes quite simple to craft these shiny little wands by using them. The guide shows you to simply use a popsicle stick for the wand part, but you can also go all the way in with the “eye-catching” effect of these wands overall design and paint the popsicle sticks with different, bright color patterns! Use contrasting colors to have that effect!

23. Another Star Wand Idea Made Using Flying Paper!

Flying Paper Shooting Star - DIY Flying Paper Shooting Star Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: DIY Thought

Here is another cute little idea to craft a magic wand! This design uses flying paper to craft the star and it also evaluates the opportunity to make the wand’s stick more appealing to the eye with the choice to use straws with different color patterns on them.

24. Minimalistic Star Ornaments for Vintage Beauty!


Get the Ideas Here: Live Laugh Rowe

Our final installment to our vintage picks for a star craft idea is this combination of simplicity and elegant choice of coloring! This craft is relatively easy to make, and it barely requires any materials. All you need is cardboard of any color (it won’t be visible), and some yarn to wrap them with. You can also drop the vintage patterns and color them like a rainbow!

25. Cute Little Star Ornaments for Christmas (Better Save Your Popsicle Sticks!)

Snowman Holiday Decoration - DIY Snowman Holiday Decoration Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Childhood101

These popsicle stick stars look so adorable that you’ll wish to save a ton of popsicle sticks to fill your room with tens of them! It uses the standard way of crafting a star with popsicles sticks. But by the creative use of some yarn and some pompoms, they reach a whole different level of cuteness! Just make sure you use matching colors, and you’ll have an easy time crafting them. You can also use the power of contrast to make the color patterns more appealing to the eye. Try orange with green, or blue with red to begin with!

Did you enjoy our list? Which crafts do you think could be improved? Do you have any unique ideas of your own? Well, don’t be afraid to share your opinions in the comments down below, and make sure to tune in for new and exciting DIY craft ideas to hop on to and start crafting right away!

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