25 BRILLIANT Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves: DIY Bookend Ideas!


Books come in various shapes and sizes. This makes it harder for you to place them on a conventional bookshelf and make it look good at the same time.

How about an amazing looking bookend instead? With a fine bookend you can both organize your books in a way that looks great, displays your taste and personality! And the best part is, you can change these DIY formulas to turn your bookends a better shape to fit the rest of your room.

Here, you will find 25 of the BEST looing bookends that you can make all by yourself!

1.A fan of animals? This DIY bookend is perfect for you!

DIY Terrazzo Concrete Bookends - DIY Terrazzo Concrete Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: LovelyInDeed

Some say it is a cliché, we say it is a timeless classic with a joyful taste in it. Who can resist the temptation of NOT having a cat shaped bookend? Check out this DIY guide to learn how you can make one for yourself!

2.A modern look to go perfect with your living room


Get the Ideas Here: Kara Whitten

Is “round” the perfect way to describe your décor? If so, these DIY concrete bookends are perfect for you!

3.Rainbow-shaped bookends: The ultimate children’s room organizer!

Rainbow-shaped Bookends - DIY Rainbow-shaped Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Jaime Costiglio

Kids don’t always keep their books in place. But with the right motivation, it won’t be a hard task for you! Get your kids to organize their books with this DIY rainbow bookends.

4.Are you a music fan? Make yourself a vinyl record bookend!

Vinyl Record Bookends - Vinyl Record Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: DIYMike

Bookends aren’t always to be holding books. This DIY vinyl record shaped bookend is perfect for holding your record collection organized!

5.Faux concrete bookends to go with your office!

Faux Concrete Bookends - DIY Faux Concrete Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Pretty Life Girls

Looking for a more serious look? These alphabets shaped concrete bookends would be a perfect fit for your workspace, especially for a set of your favorite encyclopedias! And you can also make different letter bookends like that to stack your A-to-Z encyclopedia on multiple shelfs!

6.Striped bookends for a strip decorated bedroom!


Get the Ideas Here: Sarah

If your décor mostly consisting of strip designs, this one would fit PERFECTLY on top of your TV set! Not to mention its eye-catching triangular shape, if you are feeling like you are a little over the edge with your choices of décor, you are going to love this DIY bookends.

7.Terrazzo Concrete bookends for a terrazzo decorated living room!

Terrazzo Concrete Bookends - DIY Terrazzo Concrete Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: FallForDIY

How about terrazzo patterns? We know a lot of you out there have terrazzo painted walls. This easy to make DIY bookends might just be the missing piece for your living room décor! Or it can also be a perfect Christmas gift for your friend with terrazzo written all over their desks!

8.For true utility: Succulent & Supply Holder Bookend!

Supply Holder Bookend - DIY Supply Holder Bookend Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Jenni Yolo

A bookend is already useful in its own sense. But how about utilizing it even further to hold your pens and a pretty looking succulent? If you are looking for the ultimate desktop bookend, you found it. You can keep your books organize with it, you can put your pens in it, and with only a small upgrade, you can surround it with a pin board to hang your daily notes on it! On top of all that, you can make it all look good by with an aloe plant!

9.One beautiful outlook: Amethyst Bookend!

DIY Amethyst Bookend - DIY Amethyst Bookend Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Marwa Hayat

Have you ever worn an amethyst necklace? If you are fascinated by the charming looks of amethyst ores, this is the perfect bookend for you to décor your living room with! After following through this simple guide, you can have your very own amethyst bookends. Just don’t forget to find the perfect spot to place them!

10.To go with your comic books: DIY superhero bookends!

DIY Superhero Bookends - DIY Superhero Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Little Red Window

Are you a fan of comic books? It is the time for you to show your impressing comic book collection off with the as impressive DIY custom superhero bookend that it deserves! And you can choose your very own favorite comic book duo to shape your bookends as! Batman and Robin? Daredevil and Elektra? Scarlet Which and Vision?

11.For a nostalgic look: DIY telephone bookends!


Get the Ideas Here: A Beautiful Mess

Vintage look has its place in bookends too. If you like to go old-school and enjoy to decorate your room with some classical piece of machinery, this bookend is perfect for your taste!

12.Another one for children: DIY dinosaur bookends!

DIY dinosaur bookends - DIY dinosaur bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Eliesa from PinterestAddict

Keep your kids get interested in books with these amazing dinosaur bookends! You can also make them with you kids! Maybe get them to see different dinosaur species and teach them about paleontology while you are on your way!

13.A clever idea: DIY arrow bookend!

DIY arrow bookend - DIY arrow bookend Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Carrie from Lovely etc.

How about an interesting looking bookend for your vintage cabinet? These DIY bookends might look a little cliché, but they sure are to impress everyone entering your living room. Make yourself an arrow bookend this Christmas!

14.For more of a pastoral look: Spotted horse bookends!

Spotted horse bookends - DIY Spotted horse bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: TwelveOeight

You might not be living inside a farmhouse but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the pastoral into the city! Check out these amazing looking bookends with the shape of a brown spotted horse! Follow these simple steps and you can make your very own pastoral bookends!

15.More Animal Bookends!

DIY Animal Bookends - DIY Animal Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Chelsea Costa

We’ve already went over a fan favorite for animal bookends, but not every animal lover has the same taste. How about a bookend with two different animals on it to choose from? And you can paint it just the way you like! Here is a simple guide to make it happen…

16.A to Z Bookends for a less serious look this time!

A to Z Bookend - DIY A to Z Bookend Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: At Home In Love

If you liked our first option for an A to Z bookends but in need of more of a casual look, this one goes for you! These A to Z bookends have slim features that make it a perfect fit to decorate your living room with. Check out this easy to apply guide and craft your dream bookend at the comfort of your own house!

17.Destination Bookends for a true traveler!

DIY Destination Bookend - DIY Destination Bookend Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Indiri Wood

Are you an avid traveler? With these DIY destination bookends you can show every city you’ve been in!

18.DIY Swan Bookends for an elegant look!

DIY Swan Bookends - DIY Swan Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Build Basic

Is there anything more elegant than a swan? A golden swan. Maybe you can’t get a real swan to decorate your house to look more elegant, but how about a bookend with the shape of a golden swan? With this simple guide you can make your very own swan bookend!

19.Pineapple Bookends for an exotic look!

Pineapple Bookends - DIY Pineapple Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Pretty Life Girls

Elegancy is not for everyone. To some, it might even look dull. If you are somebody who is looking for the fun side of things, why don’t you try decorating your shelf with this amazing DIY pineapple bookends? Follow these simple steps and your bookshelf will look as fun as the books inside of it!

20.Picture Frame Bookends to keep your loved ones close to you!

Picture Frame Bookends - DIY Picture Frame Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Landeelu

Looking to decorate your desk with the pictures of your loved ones? With this picture frame bookends, you can keep your family close to you at all times!

21.Another elegant look: Wooden Triangle Bookends!

Wooden Triangle Bookends - DIY Wooden Triangle Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Makeandtell

Swans are as elegant as elegancy gets. But maybe you might be looking for a minimalistic look. In that case, these wooden triangle bookends are the perfect fit for you. Check out how you can make them yourself!

22.Small, House Shaped DIY Bookends with a little twist!

DIY Modern Bookends - DIY Modern Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Love Create Celebrate

Small houses look cute. And with this DIY guide, you can make your very own house shaped bookend! But what’s more interesting is, with a little twist of your own, you can also make the small houses look like a small cabinet or a locker for you to keep your desktop gadgets inside! Simply ad 2 more pieces of wooden (or material of your own choice) plates in the back and the front of each of your houses. And you can also carve a small line-shaped hole on it to collect coins inside. The options are infinite with for a DIY bookend of your own!

23.Who Doesn’t Love Elephants?


Get the Ideas Here: Liz from Love Grows Wild

Elephants look cute. And for some weird reason, they remind us of our family. Maybe it is because they move in packs. If you think so as well, you can also make your very own plastic elephant bookend by simply following this guide!

24.Color Block Bookends for a youthful appeal!

Color Block Bookends - DIY Color Block Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kelly Bryden

Looking for a youthful look for your kid’s room? This colorful little addition to organize your books with can turn into a moment you share with your kid while putting them all together by yourselves!

25.Another great bookend for the comic book enthusiasts!

Action Figure Bookends - DIY Action Figure Bookends Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Hallmark Channel

If you are a comic book fan but you wish to put a little more effort on your bookends than the previous option, we got you covered! With this guide, you can turn your favorite action figure into a trusty organizer to hold steady your comic books with. See how you can do it yourself with this easy-to-follow guide!

How do you find our list? Which one do you think of making for yourself? Do you have any additions or ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments down below!

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