Boost Your Kids’ Creativity: 25 DIY Air-Dry Clay Ideas to Make with Your Kids!


We all know children develop fast. And childhood years are the most important ages for your kid to start learning and developing to grow up to live a healthy and a happy life. Getting creative with craft ideas is important at that age for them to grow their competence, develop problem solving skills, and have fun doing it. Air-Dry Clay is a great way to start doing that! Air-Dry clay is made easy and doesn’t need baking to be dried, as the name suggests.

Here are 25 of our best picks for you to start doing Air-Clay art with your kids today!

1. This DIY Air-Dry Clay Cat Idea is a Great Place to Begin!

DIY Clay Cat - DIY Clay Cat Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Cathy James from NurtureStore

Here is an idea for an adorable little cat all done by using air-dry clay and some paints! Strat applying the formula with your kids, and you can use different color patterns of your own choice. Do you have a cat? Your kids can paint it to be the same color as your pet! With a little adjustment, you can even make it out to be used as a food bowl for your pets. And once you get the idea, your kids can also start making other animal figures. Remember; it’s about growing and getting creative!

2. Hand Dish to Decorate Your Desk With!


Get the Ideas Here: Cintia from My Poppet

This midcentury artistic air-clay hand dish idea can be easily made by your children! It is an amusing way for them to learn, grow, and get creative with. On top of that, they can use their air-dry clay crafts to decorate the house with. These hand dishes would look amazing on your coffee table! Maybe with a little adjustment of your own, you can make a lid for it to be working as a sugar cup!

3. Surprise Your Kids on This Easter with These Pinch Pots!

Easter Pinch Pot - DIY Easter Pinch Pot Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Maggy from RedTedArt

A great way to surprise your kids this easter is to make some air-dry clay easer eggs with them! Crafting pinch pots are great way to start learning and developing any plastic art skills. This is a great guide for you and your kids to get started right away and make your very first air-dry crafts!

4. Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls: The Perfect Desktop Decoration!

Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls - DIY Air-Dry Clay Sunflower Bowls Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Julie Munstermann from Emma Owl

Sunflowers make excellent decorations. Especially these little air-dry clay sunflower bowls could be a great look for your coffee table. They are fairly easy to make. So, your kids can get started on making them quite at ease. This guide is a great place to start right away!

5. For Your Kids First Pair of House Keys: Air-Dry Clay Keychains

Air Dry Clay Keychains - DIY Air Dry Clay Keychains Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Bre from AverageButInspired

Is it time for your kids to have their own pair of keys? These keychains could be an excellent way to get them enthusiastic about having this responsibility on. Just make sure you let them know the importance of this duty and get them to be creative and bold to try out their own ideas while making these amazing pieces of air-dry clay art!

6. Air-Dry Clay Mini Pots to Decorate Your Kids’ Room With!


Get the Ideas Here: Anna Spathari from Journey into Creativity

Speaking of teaching your kids to be more responsible, another great way to achieve that is to give them a pet to take care of! This pet doesn’t necessarily have to be too hard and complicated to take care of. A simple house plant can also do the trick!

7. Air-Dry Clay Unicorns for Better Practice!

Air-Dry Clay Unicorns - DIY Air-Dry Clay Unicorns Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Stacy Gibbon from Glued to My Crafts

Looking to mix up different DIY ideas and techniques together? These air-dry clay unicorn ideas are the perfect mixture of paper cutting, glue using, painting, and air-dry clay shaping. Get started right away with this simple guide that we chose for you!

8. An Excellent Decoration: Air-Dry Clay Wind Chimes!

Air-Dry Clay Wall Hanging - DIY Air-Dry Clay Wall Hanging Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kara Madeline

Are you a fan of those cute little air chimes that you see on all these hip and quirky indie movies? This is your chance to make your very own air-dry clay air chimes while having some quality tie with your kids!

9. Another Keychain Idea: Clay Mountain Keychains

Clay Mountain Photo Holder - DIY Clay Mountain Photo Holder Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Doodle and Stitch

Here is another air-dry clay keychain ideas for your kids to test out right now! This one is a very specific guide for your kids to make clay keychains that look like a snowy mountain. It is a lot simpler than our previous pick so this might be a great place for your kids to get started right away.

10. Get Creative with These Pasta Mosaic Art Ideas!

Dyed Pasta Mosaic - DIY Dyed Pasta Mosaic Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Buggy and Buddy

Who says that your creative time should only include air-dry clays? Your kids can make use of colorful pastas to express their newly developing artistic sense as well! Get started right away with this simple guide!

11. Mosaic Pinch Pots That Look Like Faces!


Get the Ideas Here: Leslie Manlapig from Handmade Charlotte

Like we previously mentioned, pinch pots are a great way to begin plastic arts. But you can also make it a bit more interesting with different patterns and styles. This guide will teach you what exactly it is that you should do to make these amazing pinch pots!

12. Creativeness Can Get Edgy: Air-Dry Clay Sugar Skull Necklaces!

Air-Dry Clay Sugar Skull Necklaces - DIY Air-Dry Clay Sugar Skull Necklaces Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Let’s Do Something Crafty

These are the cutes looking skulls that you can easily make into a necklace as well! Design patterns on this DIY idea might be a little challenging but once you spend some time on it, it is completely doable. Get started on your journey with this easy-to-follow guide.

13. Christmas Ornaments Made Easy!

Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments - DIY Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: On Sutton Place

Your Christmas ornaments could be done all by using air-dry clays! Getting the figures like trees, stars, and birds done might be a little challenging for your kids, but that’s the fun of it. Get started on making your ornaments for this holiday with this simple guide!

14. These Bunnies Are Going to Look Perfect on This Easter!

air dry clay bunnies - DIY air dry clay bunnies Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Lovilee

These easter bunnies are absolutely adorable! They look simplistic but they might be a little challenging to be made exactly right by your children. But once you get them done right you won’t regret it for a lifetime!

15. DIY Gnome Crafts to Be Made by Your Kids!

Air-Drying Clay Garden Gnomes - DIY Air-Drying Clay Garden Gnomes Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Rainy Day Mum

Yes, crafting gnomes out of air-dry clay might sound a little challenging for children. But this easy to do formula mostly relies on painting. Just get your kids tarted with this simple guide and they’ll be glad they put their hands on the job!

16. DIY Whale Phone Holder!

Whale Phone Holder - DIY Whale Phone Holder Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Doodle & Stitch

Making air-dry clay crafts are fun and healthy. Especially for your children. But how about something useful made out of them other than decoration? This whale-shaped phone holder is perfect for you then!

17. Clay Star Garland Craft (+ Easy Air-Dry Clay Recipe!)

Star Garland Craft - DIY Star Garland Craft Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Lilyardor

Need a decoration for a party? Maybe it’s your kid’s birthday. Or maybe you are celebrating Christmas. In any case, this is the perfect formula for you to start crafting! On top of that, this guide offers a simple way to make your very own Air-Dry Clays!

18. Plant Pots Made Easy with This Air-Dry Clay Formula!

air plant pots - DIY air plant pots Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Alisa Burke

If you love growing your own balcony garden or taking care of your indoor plants, you can add some style into it by crafting your very own air-dry clay plant pots with your kids! This guide is a great place for you to start right away!

19. Stylish Coasters Made by Your Kids!

Geometric Clay Coasters - DIY Geometric Clay Coasters Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: It’s Pretty Nice

Coasters are one of those dishes that can be made custom. And you can have a great time crafting these with your kids. These are fairly simple to make and they look quite stylish so your kids are going to have an easy time crafting them. Follow this simple guide to get started and make some stylish coasters with your kids today!

20. Air-Dry Clay Heart Buntings for Christmas!

Air-Dry Clay Heart Buntings - DIY Air-Dry Clay Heart Buntings Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: NurtureStore

An absolutely fun way to celebrate Christmas is to start crafting some buntings with your kids! You can also alter the shape of these crafts and make it more interesting. Try trees for instance! With this easy-to-follow guide your kids are going to have a fun time crafting your Christmas decoration!

21. Christmas ornaments and tokens!


Get the Ideas Here: The Lovely Drawer

These are one of the most adorable little Christmas ornament ideas you can find anywhere on the internet. The guide says they are Christmas ornaments, but you can truly just use them to decorate anywhere, anytime. They are that adorable. We suggest you taking this simple guide to make your very own air-dry clay tokens now!

22. These Air-Dry Clay Fishes Make Great Decorations!


Get the Ideas Here: Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse

Ready to have some quality time crafting with your kids? This guide is a great ace to start. These adorable little fishes are both easy to craft and make great decorations for your house!

23. Essential Oil Necklaces!

Essential Oil Necklaces - DIY Essential Oil Necklaces Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Hello Glow

Wearing essential oil jewelry is healthy. Both for you and your children. Here is an amazing guide for you to get started on making your very own essential oil necklaces by using air-dry clay!

24. Matching Game Made Out of Air-Dry Clay!


Get the Ideas Here: Little Girl Designs

We previously talked about how getting creative with air-dry clays is good for your children’s development. With this simple guide, you can also make memory games and be inspired to do other cognition enhancing games made entirely by air-dry clays! Follow this simple guide and get crafty with your kids today!

25. Rainbow Ornaments That Look Adorable!

Clay Rainbow Ornaments - DIY Clay Rainbow Ornaments Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Alice & Lois

These cute little ornaments are just the perfect fit for your child’s schoolbag! They are quite easy to make, and they don’t take much material. Your kids can also alter these figures and create something on their own. Maybe they would like to have cat figures better, or maybe unicorns. Once you get the idea, your options are countless. Simply follow this guide and get your kids started on expressing their creativity into wearable arts!

Did you enjoy our lists? Did you get inspired by any of our picks? Which air-dry clay idea was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below and make sure you share the list with your friends!

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