How to Make a Christmas Card: 25 Unique DIY Ideas!


Merry Christmas all, The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Christmas is the worldwide holiday of celebrating some quality time together with your family and close friends. And it is about time to send out some Christmas cards to your loved ones! In this digital day and age, the ritual of preparing Christmas cards is almost buried deep in history. But you can still revive that wonderful feeling by making your very own unique Christmas cards.

Here are 25 of our top picks for a unique DIY Christmas card idea to send your family and friends this holiday!

1. Prepare these Christmas Tree Cards with your kids!


Get the Ideas Here: Non-Toy Gifts: easy crafts for kids

Sharing the joy of Christmas doesn’t only have to come with sending out Christmas cards. You can also double that joy by sharing some quality time with your kids preparing the Christmas cards! Learn how to make these unique DIY Christmas tree cards on this holiday and get ready to make some lovely memories with your children!

2. Pom-Pom Christmas Card: A tasteful option!

Pom-Pom Christmas Card - DIY Pom-Pom Christmas Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Joy of Sharing

These cute little Christmas cards scream out taste! If you are looking for a minimalist look only to put one stylish aspect of your Christmas card on the spot, this DIY guide is perfect for you. A cute little pom-pom on top of a brown paper with a humble appear is the way to go!

3. Feeling enthusiastic about string art? These DIY cards are perfect for you!


Get the Ideas Here: Agnes from Hello, Wonderful

String art is a captivating hobby with its roots going all the way back to the late 19th century. With this simple little guide, you can make your very own string art Christmas cards! Like many DIY ideas, it is completely customizable with shapes varying from snowmen to reindeers, gnomes to Santa Claus. Our personal favorite is the Christmas Tree design! Learn how to make yours by reading this simple guide…

4. These fingerprint Christmas cards are perfect to be send to your parents!

Fingerprint Christmas cards - DIY Fingerprint Christmas cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Jen Walshaw from The Mad House

Do you want to send a very personal card to your parents on this Christmas? Your children can surprise their grand parents with these easy to make Christmas Cards! With this easy-to-follow formula, you and your nuclear family can turn your fingerprints into reindeers, snowballs, and snowmen on these DIY Christmas cards.

5. Paint Chip Christmas Tree Cards: A minimalistic DIY formula!

Paint Chip Christmas Tree Cards - DIY Paint Chip Christmas Tree Cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Debbie Chapman from One Little Project at a time…

Sometimes, less is more. If you are in search of a stylish Christmas card with simplistic looks, you can achieve that with the help of some paint chips, sticker rhinestones, and a shiny little glitter star to capture people’s eyes!

6. Snowman Christmas Cards: The cutest there is!

Snowman Christmas Cards - DIY Snowman Christmas Cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Easy Peasy and Fun

3D is overplayed. Sometimes getting creative with a 2D snowman painting can get your further than any advance DIY methods. Follow this guide to make your very own snowman Christmas Cards!

7. Pop-up Christmas Cards for a Creative New Year!


Get the Ideas Here: Shruti Acharya from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Yes, less might be more sometimes. But it is not a bad thing to aim for more from time to time. And sometimes you might just want to share more than you have to. If you are looking to get more creative and fill up your entire Christmas card with pop-up designs from side to side, this guide is perfect for you! You don’t have to stick with the Christmas tree or the gift boxes either. Every DIY pop-up guide in our list provides a different method to turn figures into 3D. After understanding the technique behind it, you can push yourself to go outside the box and try making different figures lurking on your mind!

8. Another pop-up idea: Gnome Christmas Cards!

GNOME POP-UP Christmas Cards - DIY GNOME POP-UP Christmas Cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Lucy from Paper Glitter Glue

Some of you more experienced DIY enthusiasts out there might not that impressed with our first option for a pop-up Christmas card. If you are looking for harder designs for higher rewards, try out our pick for the best pop-up gnome Christmas cards!

9. No time for shopping? Make this Christmas Card with no supplies!

season's tweetings - DIY season's tweetings Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kristina from Kwernerdesign Blog

Life isn’t always perfect, and maybe you never had the time to go out and buy supplies to make your Christmas cards on this holiday. But you can still make the best out of what you got with this easy DIY guide! You only need a watercolor paper, some watercolors, and maybe some glitter drops. And you can even make your own envelope by folding a sheet of paper!

10. Customize Your Pop-up Christmas Cards!


Get the Ideas Here: Sweet Teal

Here is another fun way you can make your pop-up figures. You can even mix the 3D techniques on our previous picks to make things more interesting… Try the gnome figure out and use this technique to add a little Christmas tree next to it!

11. Snow Globe Christmas Card: Relive the timeless classic!

Snow Globe Christmas Card - DIY Snow Globe Christmas Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Best Ideas for Kids

Snow globes are the most famous Christmas gifts amongst all the other symbols of Christmas. Use this DIY guide to turn your Christmas card into a snow globe picture frame. An excellent Christmas card to send to your extended family!

12. Pop-up Christmas Cards with Ribbons on top!

Handmade Christmas Tree Card - DIY Handmade Christmas Tree Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: HGTV

Pop-up Christmas Cards are always surprising. But how about some ribbons on top of your Christmas trees to spice things up a little? These little Christmas card designs are a great way to express your taste and make a great Christmas card to be sent out to your dearest friends and family members. Follow this simple guide to make your own pop-up Christmas cards with ribbons!

13. Christmas Tree Cards with a Twist!

3D Christmas Pop Up Card - DIY 3D Christmas Pop Up Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Red Ted Art

Another great pop-up idea, combined with a good old Christmas tree! This technique of making your Christmas card designs might just be a little more work for you. But the end results are sure to be worth your time and effort.

14. Fingerprints meet Christmas Trees: A wonderful combination!

Fingerprint Lights Christmas Tree Cards - DIY Fingerprint Lights Christmas Tree Cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Rhythms of Play

What could make a Christmas tree card better? Decorating it with cute little fingerprint lightbulbs, of course! And you can combine this idea with some of the other DIY Christmas tree card ideas on our list as well! Maybe you can make a pop-up Christmas tree and add some fingerprint lightbulbs on top of that. Or maybe you can choose to use a different Christmas tree option that we previously mentioned on our list. Your options are infinite.

15. Customizable Pixel Christmas Cards: Get Creative with these DIY cards!

Christmas pixel popup cards - DIY Christmas pixel popup cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Kate from Mini Eco

These amazing looking christmas cards might look hard to make, but the gratification of it after you succeed is definitely worth your while. Create your own Christmas landscape inside your Christmas card by following this guide!

16. 3-Button Snowmen, a simple look!

3 Button Snowman Card - DIY 3 Button Snowman Card Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: DeeDee Campbell from Scrappin’ with DeeDee

Classics never die out. And button designs are definitely here to stay for at least 25 more Christmas. Make your cute little Snowmen with 3 little buttons on your DIY Christmas cards on this Christmas!

17. The Minimalist’s Approach to Christmas Cards!


Get the Ideas Here: Tinsel + Trim

This is the ultimate minimalists’ Christmas Card design! With this simple little formula, you can make your own cute little Christmas tree just buy cutting out a few triangles on your assorted papers. And it will look as amazing as it looks simplistic.

18. Use Decorative Bands to Enlighten Your Christmas Cards!

Simple Christmas Cards - DIY Simple Christmas Cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Omiyage Blogs

Are you tired of keep seeing the same old materials in all your DIY Christmas cards? Do you want to switch things up a little bit? With the help of some decorative bands, you can make your very own unique Christmas trees for your Christmas cards! Don’t forget that with the help of some of the other Christmas tree designs on our lists, you can turn this design into a pop-up Christmas card as well!

19. Don’t forget reindeers: These are the cutest DIY Christmas Cards!

DIY reindeer Christmas cards - DIY reindeer Christmas cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: Stay & Roam

Where are all the animal lovers hiding? Follow this simple guide and fill your Christmas cards with some of the cutest looking reindeer designs to be ever on anyone’s envelope.

20. A modernist look for your Christmas Cards!


Get the Ideas Here: White House Crafts

Here is a modernist design for your DIY Christmas Cards! This easy-to-follow guide will show what exactly you should do to make your own Christmas Cards with the silhouette of a Christmas village on it. If you like urban designs, check this guide out to get started right away!

21. Give Your Cards a Vintage Look with This Paper Strip DIY Design!

Paper Strips Christmas crafts - DIY Paper Strips Christmas crafts Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: The Keeper of the Cheerios, LLC

If you like vintage design, we spared this slot for you! With the help of a few craft papers, wiggle eyes, and gems of your choice, you can make a cute little vintage reindeer Christmas Card just like that.

22. Another Snow Globe Design for the Vintage Lover!

Globe Shaker Cards - DIY Globe Shaker Cards Ideas

Get the Ideas Here: May Holicraft

This elegant design combines the elements of both vintage and minimalism into one easy to craft Snow Globe Christmas Card! The plain white design of the outer side of the card might be a little take away in terms of expressing your own taste, but you can still go all out on customization on the inside of the snow globe!

23. A Fun Time for Kids with These Eraser Stamp Christmas Card Design!


Get the Ideas Here: Lia Griffith

Clear out your table and lay a sheet on top of it, because your kids are about to do some craftsmanship! Eraser stamps are great for aesthetics, and they are a core material for many DIY designs. Follow this simple guide to have an amazing time with your children while preparing some Christmas cards.

24. Best DIY Frame for Any Christmas Card!


Get the Ideas Here: Bettijo from Paging Supermom

This DIY guide shows you a unique way to make amazing looking Christmas Card boxes! You can takeaway the Christmas Card frame formula from this design and combine it with the other Christmas Card ideas of your preference on this list.

25. Snowman Christmas Card for Kids!


Get the Ideas Here: Kate Williams from Crafts on Sea

This is an amazingly simple DIY Christmas Card design for your kids to spend some quality time while getting creative! All you need is some colored cards, cupcake liners, pens, a scissor, and a glue! Simply follow this simple guide and remember to use kid-friendly scissors.

What could make you feel better than to receive a handmade Christmas card from your dearest friends? Especially in an age when everybody sends dull and unoriginal texts to each other… Surprise your family and friends with these DIY Christmas card ideas and let us know your favorite design in the comments down below!

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